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TNG: Symbiosis

Ooo, look, Space Seed. Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Symbiosis: The Enterprise rescues some people from a doomed freighter and finds a pair of planets with an odd relationship.

Picard gives a long expositionary speech about how they're taking a look at sun or some such. The X-rays from the sun begin to cause malfunctions in the computer (but apparently not harming the crew??) They answer a distress call from a freighter, the captain appears to be stoned. Solar activity prevents then from using the tractor beam, but Data determines the problem with the ship - the Enterprise has a spare, but no one on the freighter knows how to fit it. Picard feels an oncoming headache.

Yar's attempt to beam the crew aboard only results in the retrieval of the ship's cargo - the freighter begins to disintegrate. Yar tries again and manages to pull off four of the six crew. There seems to be some disagreement over the ownership of the cargo, leading to a fight which Yar has to break up. They appear to have an electric eel effect.

Ornara is in the grip of a plague, for which the only cure is manufactured on the other planet of Brekka - the cargo is the cure, but the payment went down with the freighter. Picard learns, to his alarm, that both the Ornarans are plague carriers and alerts Dr Crusher. Crusher checks everyone out, and says the Ornarans are showing disease symptoms but she can't find a cause.

As the Ornarans are deteriorating, the Brekkians agree to giving them a small quantity of the cure and reveal that their only industry is producing the cure. Crusher watches the Ornarans take the cure and immediately recover. She realises that the cure is a narcotic - the entire Ornaran race are drug addicts and Brekkians are the pushers.

After explaining it to Picard, she explains it again to the other bridge crew. And then again to Picard. She feels very passionate on this point, obviously. Then there's a "drugs are bad" discussion. Thank you, we get it alread- oh, apparently Wesley doesn't get it. Well...

Ornara contacts the Enterprise to ask where the cure is. One of the Ornaras threatens to zap Riker to try to make Picard take the cure to their planet, but he calls their bluff.

The Brekkians decide to give the cargo to the Ornarans, and Picard realises they know that the Ornarans are addicted. Crusher is outraged, but Picard says the Prime Directive forbids him from telling the Ornarans.

The Enterprise zips over to Ornara and Picard announces he's going to beam them down with the cargo. But says he can't supply the parts to repair their last two freighters, which will soon break down, because of the Prime Directive. Later, Crusher and Picard have a discussion about the Prime Directive, but she's still not sure if they've made the right decision.

Wait, they just left Yar in the cargo bay, but she's already in the bridge when they get there!

And so they set off for their next assignment. Teh End.

That was not bad. Preachy at points, and most of it was people standing about talking, but all right. Average?
Tags: next generation

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