Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Emissary, Part 1

Emissary, Part 1: Ben Sisko is assigned as commanding officer on Deep Space 9, where no plot has gone before.

Why yes, it's Wolf 359, with actual fighting, rather than just the Enterprise turning up to see a bunch of destroyed ships. Benjamin Sisko is on one of the ships and searches frantically for his family as the ship nears warp core collapse. Though he rescues Jake, he's unable to save his wife. They abandon ship before it explodes. Three years later, Sisko and Jake are transferred to Deeeeeep Spaaaaaace Niiiiiiiiiiiiiine! Which looks like a model. Sorry, but it does.

Sisko welcomes O'Brien on board - the place is in a shambles because the Cardassians apparently messed it up a bit when they left. Also there's a beardy old guy trying to interest Sisko in a religious experience. Oh, and the food replicators are offline, much to Jake's disgust. Sisko tours ops and meets Kira who's shouting at someone over the comlink. My god, what have they done with Kira's hair? Their argument is interrupted by an alarm, so they meet Odo at the location of the alarm - capturing a Ferengi (Nog) and an even uglier alien, which leads to the introduction of Quark, who claims to be leaving.

Now that we've had intros for everyone except Dax and Bashir, Sisko goes off to have a meeting with Picard (the Enterprise is there dropping off O'Brien, you see).

Plot? What's that?

Things become uncomfortable when Sisko mentions he was at Wolf 359. Man, Sisko is getting pissy. He's very unhappy about being assigned to DS9.

Later on, Sisko says Quark is going to stay (which is why Nog's in the brig) because otherwise people might get dispirited. Then he goes to have a tense conversation with Kira about how religion is the only thing holding Bajor's population together, at which point Sisko decides it's time for his religious experience...

So Sisko ambles on down to a temple on Bajor and talks to a Kai and has a religious experience with a glowing orb which gives him a flashback to when he first met his wife. The Kai tells him that the Prophets send the orbs as messages, and Sisko must find the Celestial Temple before the Cardassians do. Could this be... a plot?!

Sisko wakes Jake to tell him he looks like his mom. WTF? Then Kira calls him to the Promenade where there are celebrations. And Dax and Bashir arrive, and Bashir makes a bad impression on Kira by his numerous references to "frontier medicine" and "wilderness", while Dax has a religious experience with the orb, flashing back to when the Dax symbiont was shifted to its current host. Aren't orbs supposed to be round?

So the plot sorta trailed off then?

Finally, a Cardassian ship turns up, and Gul Dukat, ex-dude-in-charge of DS9 comes aboard to say hi. Veiled threats are exchanged.

Dax finds something - a bermuda triangle where it seems that religious experiences are common and there's lots of neutrino activity, so she and Sisko decide to go have a look in a runabout. TO BE CONTINUED!

Huh? What kind of a cliffhanger was that? After that pilot, it's a wonder anyone kept watching!
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