Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Emissary, Part 2

Emissary, Part 2: The Cardassians make pains of themselves, and Sisko and Dax go to check out the wormhole.

Previously on DS9, stuff happened. It was exciting and stuff, and lots of characters were introduced. Once the recap is over, O'Brien makes a transporter work by kicking it, and Sisko and Dax take off in a runabout.

They start looking for high proton counts and are suddenly swallowed by a wormhole which spits them out in the Gamma Quadrant. They quickly establish that the wormhole is stable and head back through, only for the ship to come to a halt halfway through. There's a shiny light and the ship lands on what looks to Sisko like a rocky planet and to Dax like a pleasant meadow. Than an orb appears and starts probing them. Then it zaps them whan they try to talk to it, and Dax disappears. The wormhole spits out an orb, which DS9 beams aboard, and turns out to be Dax.

Meanwhile, Sisko is having a 2001 mement, with the tired old cliché of using images from his memory to communicate.

Dax thinks the wormhole is constructed. Kira asks what it would take to shift DS9 to its mouth and O'Brien and Dax work out A Plan made of technobabble.

Sisko's 2001 moment drags on. He has trouble communicating the concept of time to the beings in the wormhole.

DS9 starts moving, but O'Brien is having trouble with the subspace field holding the station together. With a field collapse imminent, he manually boosts power to it. Meanwhile, Kira and her crew head of the wormhole in a runabout, along with the Cardassian ship.

Sisko continues talking to the wormhole aliens, but they're interrupted by the Cardassian ship nipping through the wormhole. The aliens say their existence is disrupted whenever a ship passes through. Then Sisko tries to explain baseball.

DS9 reaches the wormhole and meets the runabout, but Dukat's ship is gone and three more Cardassian ships are on their way. They tell the Cardassians that the wormhole's been collapsed, but the other ships keep coming under the belief that Dukat's ship was destroyed. DS9 prepares for an attack.

The wormhole aliens make Sisko confront Jennifer's death.

DS9 fires some warning shots, and Kira gives the Cardassians her best "bring it, bitch" speech. They look worried, call for reinforcements, and start firing. O'Brien does something technobabbley with the phasers, but the Cardassians just fire some more, damaging the station.

Kira gets ready to surrender when the wormhole opens and spits out Sisko's runabout, towing Dukat's ship. Dukat tells the Cardassians to disarm. Sisko shows no surprise at all that they've shifted the entire fecking space station all the way to the wormhole.

The Enterprise turns up, chasing the Cardassian ships off, and Picard congratulates Sisko for his work. Teh end.

I think that was pretty respectable for a Trek pilot! :) I need a DS9 icon now.
Tags: deep space 9

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