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DS9: Past Prologue

Past Prologue: a Bajoran terrorist arrives on DS9 to cause mayhem and intrigue!

Garek introduces himself to Bashir, thus starting a long tradition of slash fiction. Bashir seems somewhat flustered, poor boy, as Garek lays on teh charm. Bashir runs to ops and bounces around like an excited puppy. Aww, bless.

Then a Cardassian vessel pursues a Bajoran vessel into Bajoran space. They beam the Bajoran pilot aboard as his ship explodes, and he turns out to be some guy named Tahna Los who knows Kira. See! That's a proper pre-credits teaser!

Kira says she fought alongside Tahna in the Bajoran underground, and the Cardassians claim he's committed crimes and demand his return. Though Kira defends Tahna, Sisko points out he's a terrorist. Tahna and Sisko chat while Kira goes over Sisko's head. Man, he's gonna be pissed. O'Brien says turning anyone over to the Cardassians would be really bad. The Admiral Kira went to tells off Sisko for letting people go over his head. Sisko then tells the Cardassians he's granting Tahna asylum, so crap off.

Meanwhile, just to spice things up, the Duras sisters arrive. Odo tells them that they can either leave their weapons or leave the station. Odo tells Sisko who already knows all about Lursa and B'Etor. Bashir rendezvous with Garek... The Duras sisters meet Tahna and demand payment for something or other while Odo eavesdrops from hiding.

Back in ops, Kira thanks Sisko for helping get Tahna, and he promptly rips her a new one for going over his head, then Odo informs him about Tahna's covert meeting.

Lursa and B'Etor pay Garek a visit and offer him Tahna Los. WTF?

Tahna and Kira have an argument over whether she's still fighting the Cardassians or what. He has a plan which she wants her help with, but won't tell her what the plan is. Here's a clue: He's a terrorist, so it probably involves terror and not, say, presenting the Bajoran council with plush toys.

Tahna's terrorist buddies turn up, much to Garek's concern. He therefore invites Bashir to buy a new suit at his shop at a particular time.

Sisko asks Kira how she feels about the terrorists, and then Bashir tells Sisko about Garek's suit obsession. Kira has a chat with Odo about how she used to be a terrorist too and asks him what she should do.

When Bashir turns up to try on a suit, Garek sticks him in a changing room so he can listen in on the Duras sisters selling him Tahna and they reveal they're selling Tahna a canister of bilitrium, which Tahna will be able to make into a bomb.

Dun dun duuuuuuun!

The command team discuss what to do. They decide that Kira will help Tahna tie a noose around his own neck, so he and she rendezvous with a Klingon Bird o' Prey. The Duras sisters turn over the bilitrium, and Sikso goes to intercept. Meanwhile a Cardassian warship crosses the border on its way.

Tahna forces Kira to help him by setting a course back to DS9. He intends to try to use the bomb to collapse the wormhole, but Kira struggles with him, and the runabout shoots through the wormhole. the bomb goes off harmlessly in the gamma quadrant.

Sisko tells Tahna he can either surrender to the Federation, or to the Cardassian warship coming up behind them. He picks option A. Teh end.

That? That was a good episode. Seriously, it was better than just about every TNG episode Prime has repeated so far.
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