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TNG: Unnatural Selection - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2006-12-31 11:55
Subject: TNG: Unnatural Selection
Security: Public
Tags:next generation
Unnatural Selection: Pulaski tries to cure an aging virus.

The Enterprise is off to rendezvous with a star base for some medical reason or other. Picard asks Troi how Dr Pulaski is working out as Chief Medical Officer. They promptly receive a distress call from the USS Lantree and head to investigate.

On reaching the Lantree, they set up a remote control link and find everyone on the bridge is dead of old age. They set up a quarantine on the Lantree and head for the last outpost it was at, Darwin Station, a genetic research facility.

The people on Darwin station are also aging, and want the Enterprise to beam up the kids. Pulaski suggests beaming one up inside a forcefield. Hey, they gave O'Brien a name finally! They beam a a young male in stasis, or cling wrap, as it is known in the 21st century. Thus far, this script is very bland. "Hi! We are experiencing an aging related phenomena." "My goodness!" etc.

Pulaski wants to take the cling-wrap off, and Picard agrees if she can demonstrate the kid isn't infectious. After talking to Geordi, she sticks the boy in a shuttle so she can work in isolation. Man, that shuttle is big. After working for a while, Pulaski has the first pains associated with the aging disease. Didn't see that coming, nooooo...

They beam the lad back down to the planet, and Data sets course for the Darwin outpost. After some discussion, O'Brien suggests using the transporter records to cure Pulaski, but she's never been through the transporter, so the contact the ship she was last on to see if they have a copy of Pulaski's pattern.

On Darwin, Pulaski chats with one of the scientists re the children they've genetically engineered. The kids all have telepathy and telekinesis and cool shit like that. It turns out that they also have extremely active immune systems and actually emit antibodies into the air. They establish that the process is irreversible, and everyone is DOOMED! She slaps a permanent quarantine on the base.

Data beams back to the Enterprise and is met by Picard, who's come up with another idea to restore Pulaski using a DNA sample. O'Brien thinks it could work, because he spouts a large amount of technobabble. Riker and Data nip over to Pulaski's quarters and locate a hair on her hair brush.

The new plan, surprisingly, works. But isn't she still a carrier?? They use the same technique to fix the rest of the output staff, and then the Enterprise cruises over and blows up the Lantree. The end.

Below average! And TOS already did the whole premature aging virus thing. Tsk tsk!
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