Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Captive Pursuit

What happened to "A Man Alone"? Prime seem to have skipped it...

Captive Pursuit: An alien pops through the wormhole

Sisko takes a complaint about Quark from one of the Dabo girls (Kelly Curtis, Jamie Lee's sister). An unidentified ship pops through the wormhole and they tractor it and its suspicious pilot in for repairs.

O'Brien pops on board the ship, but can't find the alien, so sets about looking at his ship. The alien promptly appears and introduces itself as Tosk. Tosk appears to have a natural cloaking ability. Wait, if they don't know anything about the aliens on the other side of the wormhole, what are all the alpha quadrant ships which go through it headed for? O'Brien shows Tosk to some quarters and later Tosk asks the computer to show him where the weapons are.

O'Brien tells Sisko he thinks Tosk is on the run from someone and then helps the alien fix his ship. Then they go to Quark's bar where the Ferengi tries to get him interested in the holosuites.

Later on, while O'Brien is telling everyone how he doesn't think Tosk is a danger, Odo interrupts the alien fiddling with a security junction and takes him in for questioning. Tosk refuses to discuss it, only asking that he be allowed to die with honour.

Another ship comes through the wormhole and a bunch of aliens beam on board in combat gear. There's gunfire and they start blowing holes in things. The lead alien locates Tosk and the whole story comes out that it's a hunt and Tosk is the prey. Proto-Hirogen? Sisko tells him off, but he insists that Tosk be released to them.

Sisko says under the prime directive, they have to release Tosk, unless he requests asylum. O'Brien suggests it to Tosk, but he refuses. Because he's bred to provide a good hunt. O'Brien goes to sulk in Quark's bar and gets hassled by Quark (go figure). This, however, gives him an idea, and he helps Tosk escape in his ship. During the escape, Tosk blows a hole in a wall; I can see O'Brien thinking "Shit, I'm going to have to fix that."

Later, Sisko tells off O'Brien, but it's OK really. Teh end.

Wasn't this also a Voyager episode? Also, Odo's really good at pretending to be a painting.

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