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DS9: Dax

Dax: Dax stands accused of a crime committed by Curzon Dax.

O'Brien's taken her wife back to Earth for her mum's 100th birthday. Dax is trying to figure out how to fix something, while Bashir makes lewd comments at her. Go take a cold shower, man. Apparently she doesn't fancy him at all. Halfway back to her quarters, Dax is jumped by three men. Sorry, two men and one woman. Bashir attempts to aid her, but he can't hit women (pity they can hit him) so Dax is carted off.

When Bashir regains consciousness, he alerts ops who start a lock-down. Unfortunately the trio have a device which lets them get through the lock-down, and they reach their ship. Fortunately Sisko is able to get the tractor beam back online, and they bring the ship back.

Odo: Extremities where I can see them. [Ummmm...]

The trio's leader, Tandro, reveals they have a valid arrest warrant for Dax for treason and the murder of Tandro's father. That's no excuse for not co-operating with the local authorities. Sisko and Odo determine that at the point the murder/treason is supposed to have taken place, Dax was then Curzon Dax. Dax refuses to tell Sisko what's going on, increasing his annoyance.

Sisko points out DS9 is technically a Bajoran station, and the Klaestrons don't have an extradition treaty. What's more, the Bajorans are a bit miffed that Tandro was able to override their security protocols, and there's going to have to be a hearing. Sisko and Kira: pwning you with the legal system! Odo hassles Quark. I should set up a macro for that sentence.

They set up the hearing in Quark's bar. The arbiter states she's 100 years old and doesn't want it to go on too long (this episode has an obsession with decagenarians??) Sisko's case is because Dax is in a different host, s/he is no longer the same person who the warrant is for.

Wait, isn't one of the prior Daxes a psychotic serial killer or something in a later epsiode?

Odo reports that Curzon Dax and General Tandro were firm friends, and his widow says Dax didn't personally kill daddy Tandro, but may have sent the transmission which lead to the man's death.

Sisko and Tandro cross-examine a Trill on the nature of being a Trill. Hey, look, the arbiter has one of those Klingon gavel things from The Undiscovered Country. What? Did they run out of hammers? She suggests that the symbiont and host be split, but Bashir points out that Jadzia would die if separated from Dax.

Bashir presents brane probe evidence, which doesn't really help much. Sisko calls himself as a character witness, which seems to be somewhat more successful. The arbiter calls recess and says Dax will take the stand next.

Odo reports that he's been through the communication logs, and it appears Curzon Dax phoned up General Tandro's house quite a lot while Tandro was away at the front, and so Curzon had been having an affair with General Tandro's wife. He goes back to talk to Gen. Tandro's widow, while Sisko talks to Dax to try to convince her to offer some sort of defense, but she seems resigned to her fate.

The hearing resumes! Partway through Dax's evidence, Odo turns up with General Tandro's widow, who says Curzon Dax was in her bed at the time the transmission was sent. The arbiter suggests that Tandro may want to reconsider his extradition. Later the widow and Dax talk about how it was actually General Tandro who was the traitor. Teh end. Fastest wrap-up ever!
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