Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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DS9: Move Along Home

Move Along Home: Quark's cheating lands Sisko, Dax, Kira and Bashir in hot water.

Sisko is wearing his dress uniform and expressing surprise that Jake is interested in girls. Apparently Jake learned all he knows about women from Nog. Great. Some aliens from the Gamma quadrant (the Wadi) come aboard and, despite the full-on Star Fleet welcome, they're more interested in playing games at Quark's bar.

The party retires to Quark's bar, where the Wadi haggle with Quark over what they can use for gambling. They decide on some gems. Quark is alarmed at the amount they're winning, so he has another Ferengi take over the Dabo wheel (and evidently the wheel is fixed because they immediately start losing). Unfortunately the Wadi twig to the game and are not happy with Quark. Join the club (current membership, 12 billion). Falow, their leader, sets up a Wadi game (Chula) which looks vaguely chess-ish.

Meanwhile, Sisko wakes up in a strange place - a room with a bunch of doors. After wandering around a while, and finding Falow laughing at him, he locates Bashir, Dax and Kira. They decide to split up and look for a way out of the maze.

Jake reports to Odo that his dad's missing, and Odo mounts a search.

Quark and the Wadi play Chula. Excitingly. Not.

Sisko's party encounter a small Wadi girl playing a game somewhat like hopscotch. Which turns out to be the way past an ionic force field. The plot subtly indicates that this is connected to the game Quark is playing.

Odo tells Quark that four officers are missing, and they realise that the game is connected to the missing officers. Quark opts to take the safer of the two paths he's been offered.

Sisko's team finds a room with partying Wadi which becomes smoke filled. Fortunately the drinks act as a counter-agent to the smoke.

Odo boards the Wadi ship to look for the missing officers, and ends up back in Quark's bar, where Quark makes a bad roll. Lights appear in the maze and zap Bashir, making him disappear. Quark opts to take a more risky path in the game, to Odo's concern. The move means he has to sacrifice one piece to allow the remaining two to go on.

This is a very silly episode.

Quark is unable to choose a piece to sacrifice, and begs them not to force him to choose. Falow responds by having the computer select one at random.

In the maze, Dax is injured, but Sisko and Kira carry her into a rock cavern which is unstable and on the verge of collapse. Dax tells them to go on without her, but neither of them are willing to leave her, so they start making their way along the rock face. A tremor causes all three of them to fall into a pit, whereupon all four contestants reappear in Quark's bar - Quark has lost the game. When Sisko starts to yell at Falow, Odo points out that it started because Quark was cheating at Dabo. Teh end.

See, this is one of the reasons I always found DS9 implausible. By the time the series ends, the crew have at least fifty reasons to chuck Quark off the station, with or without a space suit, YET THEY NEVER DO! Neelix might have been annoying on Voyager, but he rarely endangered the crew (and no more so than any other characters).
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