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TNG: The Icarus Factor

The Icarus Factor: Riker has dad issues, and Worf has Klingon issues.

The Enterprise is en route to yet another starbase because they're getting strange readings on the readouts. There's some discussion over whether they really need the starbase's help in fixing the problem. Picard tells Riker he's been selected as new captain on the Aries (of course, there's no way Riker's going to take the command, because he's waiting for Picard to retire so he can have the Enterprise). The starbase is sending a civilian aboard to brief Riker. This turns out to be Riker's dad, and it appears the relationship is strained.

Meanwhile, Wesley is acting hyper, resulting in Worf telling him to shut up. Wesley tells Geordi he thinks something's bothering Worf. No, Wes, he's a Klingon - he's supposed to be a grumpy bastard.

Pulaski and Riker's dad appear to have been in a relationship previously. This could be awkward. Yep, if Riker was any more put out, he'd need a spacesuit.

Wesley talks to Data about Worf's grumpyness, and Data points out that Worf's a Klingon and therefore supposed to be a grumpy bastard. The trio decide to start snooping on Worf. This can't end well. Unless it ends up with Worf hitting Wesley.

That shot of the Enterprise orbiting the planet makes it look like it's flying with its nose up.

In Ten Forward, Riker's dad and Pulaski catch up with their personal lives and continue establishing Dad's character, while Geordi and Data spy on Worf. Data thinks Worf is simply lonely and attempts to communicate. Worf: "With all due respect.. BEGONE! ... sir."

Finally, Worf crosses the plot streams by talking to Riker about Dad, and says he'd like to be reassigned to the Aries. Riker goes to get briefed by Dad, and is handed a data card with the briefing on it. Dad just wanted to see him, obviously. Riker still has issues.

So, so far all we've been told is that Dad took Riker's fishing line away once when he was a kid, and doesn't write. Let it go already! Sheesh.

Troi and Riker's Dad chat, and she says he's too competitive with his son. So, Dad goes to talk to Riker, which ends with Dad stomping out.

Wesley discovers why Worf is cranky - he's a Klingon! Duh. It's the tenth anniversary of his rite of ascension, and he's bummed because there aren't any other Klingons to party with. Data suggests they duplicate the ritual on the holodeck.

In the more boring part of the plot, Pulaski tells Riker that his Dad was the only survivor of a base which was attacked and destroyed (by Tholians?) and tells him to get over himself already. Riker consults Picard, farewells Troi, then goes and tells his Dad to get lost. They end up challenging each other to a martial arts (anbo-jytsu) match in the gym.

On the holodeck, Data, Geordi, Wesley, O'Brien and Pulaski set up a rite of ascension chamber. O'Brien says he's seen pain sticks being used before. Troi lures Worf to the holodeck where he is hit repeatedly and at length with pain sticks, because that's what friends do.

With the interesting part of the plot resolved, Pulaski goes to tell Troi that Worf is now slightly less grumpy, and they discuss how Riker and his dad are acting like children, and this is partly why they like men (what??).

In the gym, Riker and Dad are dressed up as Tron cast members and waving sticks at each other while blindfolded. Well, supposedly they're blindfolded. They manage to dodge the sticks rather well. Don't tell Riker, but the Japanese Kanji across his chest actually translates to "I am a man-whore". Dad performs an illegal move, and Riker realises that his dad's been cheating all these years. They have a frank discussion. It's all very touching. Riker announces he's decided to turn down the promotion. Teh end.

Needed more explosions. And a better plot.
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