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DS9: The Nagus

The Nagus: Quark is promoted to Grand Nagus.

Another Quark episode? We just had one!

Sisko wants to take Jake to see a Bajoran festival, but Jake would rather hang around in a cargo bay with Nog(!). Meanwhile, Quark is chastising Rom for not ripping off a customer's wallet. Cue more Ferengi "comedy". Also, Quark tells Morn a joke. And then Grand Nagus Zek appears and requests the use of the holosuites.

Why is O'Brien filling in as teacher? You'd think he'd be busy enough with, like, repairs and stuff. Nog claims Vulcans stole his homework, and Jake covers for him. They appear to be learning about the wee aliens from the TOS episode Cat's Paw.

Quark thinks Zek's arrived to buy up Quark's bar, and is less than enthralled when Zek invites himself to dinner. Zek says he wants to hold a conference in Quark's bar. The rest of the ten hours dinner seems to take is occupied by typical Ferengi banter and Zek expressing surprise that Rom allows Nog to attend school.

This last bit leads to Jake and Nog having a spat.

More Ferengi arrive on the station and Zek calls the meeting, explaining that Ferengi have to expand into the Gamma Quadrant because everyone this side of the wormhole knows the Ferengi already. Furthermore, Zek says he's standing down, and appoints Quark new Grand Nagus. Uproar!

Quark swaggers around as Grand Nagus, and discovers the other Ferengi are starting to make with the threats. Zek says it won't be the last time Quark gets death threats, and then promptly karks it. Quark appoints Rom as bodyguard, though Rom kinda thought that he'd be getting the bar, provoking hysterical laughter from Quark. Odo turns up and asks if Bashir can examine the corpse, but Zek's son says the body has already been vacuum dessicated and sold off as keep-sakes. Quark invites Odo to kiss his scepter. Shortly afterwards, there's an attempt on Quark's life. Sadly, it fails.

O'Brien says the device was a Ferengi bomb. Sisko and Odo question Quark over who could be a suspect. They suspect Zek's servant. The real assassins are, of course, Rom and Zek's son, Krax.

Sisko asks Jake what he's been doing out late with Nog recently, but Jake refuses to say. Later on, Jake doesn't turn up for dinner, so Sisko goes looking for him, and finds him in the cargo bay teaching Nog to read.

Rom and Krax trap Quark in an airlock - they're voting him off the space station. Unfortunately before they can flush, Odo and Zek turn up. It's been a test to see if Krax can take Zek's place (he failed).

Sisko tells Jake he's proud of him. The end.

Gah, Ferengi.
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