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DS9: Progress - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2007-03-18 13:01
Subject: DS9: Progress
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Tags:deep space 9
Progress: Most boring Trek episode ever!

When a Ferengi's lobes tingle, it means opportunity, and not some sort of fungal infection.

The Bajorans are going to tap the molten core of one of their moons for energy. Unfortunately Kira and Dax detect a life form on the surface, so Kira beams down and encounters farmers with pitchforks. One of them invites Kira in for supper.

Nog attempts to sell Quark's excess of yamok sauce (Cardassians like it) and ends up trading them for a cargo of stem bolts.

Kira and her farmer pal, Mullibok, engage in food preparation while he makes rude comments about her walk. She tries unsuccessfully to talk him into moving back to Bajor. Later on, they have supper and Mullibok relates his life story. I think they're bonding. He still refuses to leave the planet, even though the energy tap will render it uninhabitable.

Nog and Jake realise they have no idea what self-sealing stem bolts are for. The decide to go ask the Bajoran who originally ordered them.

Kira returns to DS9 to talk to Sisko and Minister Toran, who insists Kira extract Mullibok from the moon. She returns to the moon with some Bajorans, where Mullibok is as co-operative as before. Then a fight breaks out and Mullibok is shot.

Back in the ever exciting B-plot, Nog and Jake contact the Bajoran and exchange the stem bolts for land.

Bashir treats Mullibok, but he refuses to leave the moon. Surprise, surprise. Kira says she'll stay to look after him. Sisko is unimpressed and pops over to the moon to talk. More talking happens. Interminable talking. Not much is accomplished, so Sisko pisses off again.

My god, this episode is boring.

There's another scene with Mullibok being obstinate. Then Jake and Nog resolve the B-plot by getting Quark to help them sell the land to the Bajoran government. Kira resolves the A plot by phasering Mullibok's kiln and torching his cottage. Wow, what a cow. He suggests she shoot him, but he can't. They both beam up. The end.
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Alden Bates
User: abates
Date: 2007-03-18 04:04 (UTC)
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I expect better behavior from my house guests, personally. :)
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