Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: The Forsaken

Note I now have a suitable icon. The wormhole looks better in orange anyway.

The Forsaken: Bashir babysits ambassadors, Troi's horny mom chases Odo, and the station computer goes a bit funny.

Bashir has arguing ambassadors! Lucky lucky Bashir. One of them is Lwaxana Troi. Oh GOD. Once a month is the most I can stand that woman. She complains that her broach has been stolen, and Odo steps in and locates an alien pickpocket. Lwaxana is impressed and immediately goes on the pull.

O'Brien bitches about the station's power system, which is apparently primitive or something. He tries a procedure which the computer advises him against, and the computer shuts down the reactor in question. This pisses him off further, and he expresses the need to format the computer and install a decent OS. A probe of some kind pops through the wormhole, causing excitement.

Lwaxana visits Odo in the security office. RUN AWAY! Odo begins to sense she's coming onto him, and manages to flee before she snogs him. He goes to visit Sisko to see if something can be done. Sisko is highly amused and suggests he go get laid. Real helpful there, guy.

Dax and O'Brien aren't having any luck working out what the probe is yet.

Meanwhile, Odo gets trapped in a lift with Lwaxana. Poor poor bastard just can't catch a break. Ops says power to the turbo lifts is out. And, as luck would have it, the transporters are broken too. Lwaxana gets a gleam in her eyes, and Odo looks very very worried. So, while the others set about trying to repair things, Lwaxana discovers that despite Odo's wishes, she's incapable of shutting the hell up.

Bashir complains about his duty in looking after the ambassadors. Sisko says he got out of babysitting ambassadors because he hit one once. Meanwhile, O'Brien thinks that software from the probe is affecting the station computer. Dax theorises that the probe is some sort of mechanical life form. O'Brien thinks if they transfer the files they downloaded from the probe back, it might fix the problem. The computer, however, resists and cuts power. Everywhere.

In the turbolift, Odo is beginning to lose cohesion - he's reverting to a liquid state, as he does every so often in lieu of sleep.

O'Brien starts dicking with the computer, which results in a plasma explosion where Bashir and his ambassador friends are at. Chaos ensues. Sisko and Kira try to get Bashir and co out, while O'Brien and Dax continue work on the computer.

Lwaxana shows Odo she's wearing a wig, then sticks him in her dress(!) when he reverts to liquid form.

O'Brien manages to quarantine the alien probe software and gets everything back online, allowing Sisko and Kira to rescue Bashir, who's kept the ambassadors safe. Also, Odo and Lwaxana get out of their turbolift. End o' episode.
Tags: deep space 9

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