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DS9: Dramatis Personae

Today's icon demonstrates my reaction to the early DS9 title sequence.

Dramatis Personae: A Klingon brings some sort of brain infection onto the station, chaos ensues.

Kira complains because there's a Valerian ship going to dock at the station, and she thinks they're shipping dolamide to the Cardassians. He pwns her with diplomacy.

A Klingon ship appears through the wormhole and promptly explodes, though a wounded Klingon beams off and promptly dies after uttering one word: Victory. I would have gone with "oh, bugger, I'm dead." personally. O'Brien and Dax pop out in a runabout to look for the Klingon ship's black box. Sisko tells Kira off for delaying the Valerian ship. Kira has no subtlety.

Meanwhile, Odo hassles Quark for information about the Klingons. Quark says the Klingons were going to bring something back that would make their enemies tremble. Shortly thereafter, Odo has some sort of spasm and collapses. In Sisko's office, there's another tense confrontation with Kira.

On the runabout, Dax and O'Brien have a vague discussion about the Sisko/Kira rift before finding the recorder.

Kira tries to talk Odo into boarding the Valerian ship to check out their cargo, and tries to convince him it's Sisko's order. He doesn't buy it for a second, and wonders why everyone's acting funny. Things are even odder at the viewing of the Klingon log. Kira swaggers up to Dax in Quark's bar and asks her to go to Star fleet over Sisko's conduct. Dax is too busy being nostalgic. Kira's unimpressed and roughs up Quark a bit. That should happen more often, I feel.

Quark turns up in security wearing a neck brace and asking to file charges against Kira. Odo decides to go have a talk to Sisko about the odd behavior, but Sisko's hiding in his quarters. O'Brien's decoded some of the Klingon log, which reveals that there was a power struggle on board the ship, resulting in its destruction. Odo visits Sisko under guard in his quarters and finds the Commander extremely unconcerned with just about everything and happily designing a clock.

Must be anal skrulls.

Back in security, Kira tells Odo she's locked down the docking clamps on the Valerian ship and is going to mutiny against Sisko. He tries to communicate with Starfleet command and Bajor, but both have toll blocks on them. He consults the Klingon logs, which reveal they found telepathic energy spheres. O'Brien tells Sisko he wants to go get a Federation attack force to secure the station.

Odo consults Bashir on the autopsy of the Klingon and gets the doctor working on a telepathic interference field. Fighting breaks out in Ops. I think Kira just won. O'Brien and Sisko teleport away and head for the Valerian ship, enlisting Odo's help to get through the force fields. Once everyone's gathered in cargo bay 4, Odo activates the interference and, after the purple smoke stuff wafts out of everyone, blows it out the airlock. Embarrassment all round, although Sisko appears impressed with his clock. The end.

Well! That was nicely tense and paranoid!
Tags: deep space 9

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