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TNG: Shades of Gray - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2007-04-15 11:52
Subject: TNG: Shades of Gray
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Tags:next generation
Shades of Gray: OBclips episode.

Just to screw with me, Prime started TNG half an hour early, so I've missed the first 20 minutes. This doesn't matter much, because this is the one and only time Star Trek did a clips episode, so I've already seen basically 15 of those 20 minutes.

So, we join the episode in progress - Riker's lying sick in sick bay and dreaming about his first encounter with Data in the holodeck from Encounter at Farpoint. Gah! Beardless Riker!

The first time TV2 screened TNG, they didn't even bother screening this episode. Which is sad, because it's Pulaski's last. The flashback ends, and another one promptly starts - Riker and Guinan instructing Wesley on how to chat up women from the episode with the shapeshifting girl Wes fancied. Guinan telling Wes to shut up never gets old. Then we skip to Riker farewelling Troi from the episode he had to farewell Troi in.

Back in the new footage, Pulaski and Troi are discussing how Riker is stimulated. There are microbes in his brain. This is why he's flashing back to the planet of the scantily-clad 80's hair people who are free with sex. Er, and then skipping to the Minuet episode. Sadly, this is the only action Riker's got so far in the show, so it's back to the sickbay, where Troi says the patient is having pervy thoughts. I bet Riker's glad she's only an empath and not a full telepath, since so far he hasn't had any memories of shagging her... Oh, I was wrong, there's some more flashbacks of Riker getting action. Riker, you man-whore!

Pulaski and Troi lament that the stimulation is making the brane parasites multiply faster. Pulaski applies stronger technobabble. Unfortunately this makes Riker flashback to Death of Yar and the death of Troi's alien baby. According to Pulaski, sadness is the opposite of horniness, and they need to induce negative emotions to fight the brane organisms.

Riker dreams about that time he served on a Klingon ship. Weird how when Klingons speak Klingon the universal translator doesn't auto-translate. So then they switch to English. Odd how most Klingons seem to be able to speak English.

Does Riker not remember anything from before he was on the Enterprise? He should probably see a doctor about that...

Troi wants to stimulate Riker some more, but Pulaski says he's extremely weak.

Riker flashes back to times when he experienced pain and/or was near death while Pulaski injects stuff into him in sickbay and Troi frets. There are flashbacks to things exploding, and then Pulaski reports that the brane organisms have all been eradicated. Picard and Data arrive in sick bay to collect their paychecks, and Riker makes a joke about thinking he's Captain Picard. The end.

... yeah. Sorta explains why Trek never did another clips episode. :)
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