Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

TNG: Evolution

Evolution: Wesley endangers the ship again.

Now that's a really nice shot of the Enterprise. Then we cut to... Wesley snoring at his desk. Riker wakes him, because there's no possible way that can run the ship without him. There's a Dr Stubbs on board to observe a stellar explosion due to happen on the neutron star very shortly. They're about to launch a research pod, when there's a sudden lurch and the Enterprise is drawn towards the stream of stellar matter. Oh noes!

And... this is the second title sequence, with the gas giant with New Zealand picked out in red glowy stuff on it.

After some mucking about, they manage to turn the ship around, but the ship's still dragged into the stellar matter. The computer reports there wasn't any malfunction at all.

In sick bay, Dr Crusher treats Stubbs for injuries and there's a largely irrelevant discussion about mothers. Then the "food slot" in sick bay starts spewing water, though the computer insists nothing's wrong. She goes to Picard and asks whether he thinks Wesley's bugged by having her on board. Oath! Enough about Wesley! Cut to Wesley and Stubbs checking on the research pod egg thing and talking about Wesley.

Is this supposed to be the season opener? Seriously?

The computer puts the ship on red alert because it detects a Borg ship. However this turns out to be another glitch, and the computer starts reading out chess moves. Time to try a reboot, methinks. I bet it's hard to get tech support that far out, too.

There's a meeting to discuss what to do next. Stubbs wants to hang around to observe the stellar explosion.

Wesley and Geordi try to debug the computer. As they examine the problem, Wesley begins to look more and more guilty. He pops back to his quarters and checks on his experiment, and Guinen subsequently finds him crawling around in Ten Forward. He admits that he may have accidentally let a couple of nanites loose on the ship.

The crew attempt to proceed with the mission, but the computer malfunctions continue. Stubbs bitches to Wesley about how bummed he is that they're not going to be able to launch his research pod. Also, Stubbs is a baseball geek.

Wesley fruitlessly checks his nanite traps, and finally admits to his mother about the nanites, and they find the computer core is swarming with replicating nanites. They set about finding a way to remove the nanites safely, because there's a chance they may have evolved intelligence.

While they're working, Stubbs gives the nanites a good zapping, and they respond by flooding the ship with deadly gases. I guess that settles the "have they evolved intelligence?" question. Suddenly the crew has a bunch of pissed off nanites to contend with. Picard is very annoyed. Troi tells Stubbs off for being a dick. Later, while he's daydreaming about baseballs, the nanites attack him with some sort of energy charge.

Picard decides their only recourse is to zap all the nanites, however Data finally makes a breakthrough in communicating with them. On his suggestion, the nanites enter him and use his form to communicate in a more face-to-face manner. After some talking, the nanites say they need to be relocated, because the ship's too small. With their help, the experiment proceeds as originally planned.

Later in Ten Forward, Crusher spots Wesley hanging out with girls, and is happy again.

Why haven't they thrown Wesley off the ship yet? Huh? Seriously now.
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