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In the Hands of the Prophets: Bajorian religious extremism causes tensions on the station.

Hey look, there's O'Brien's rarely-seen wife. And she humorously ribs him about having an affair. Then she goes to teach her class and a Bajoran spiritual leader, Vedek Winn, turns up to express her religious dogma and complain that Keiko is teaching blasphemy. Hello, religion in schools allegory! Keiko, Sisko and Kira debate what to do, and Sisko goes to the Bajoran shrine to talk to Winn and she goes all "You are The One" at him.

Meanwhile, O'Brien looks for a lost tool, and they find it melted in a conduit along with organic traces which turn out to be a missing ensign. Then a Bajoran refuses to sell O'Brien a popsicle, and Winn confronts him and Keiko outside the school room. Creationism gets a name check. Naturally, the whole thing doesn't end well.

Jake bitches about how batshit the Bajoran faith is, and Sisko lectures him on religious tolerance. Though it does make Sisko go down to the matte paintingBajor to talk to another spiritual leader, Vedek Bareil, who's a lot more progressive and nowhere near as batshit as Winn, and the next candidate likely to become Kai. Bareil's not able to help for political reasons.

Sisko returns to the station, where the Bajorans are having a call-out. He bitches to Kira, who's not very happy. Bashir reveals that the dead ensign was killed by phaser before he got near the energy conduit. There's further investigation which further establishes the presence of foul play, and O'Brien and his Bajoran assistant, Neela, investigate the runabout on pad C. Odo questions Quark fruitlessly, however O'Brien's found a clue near pad A. Then the school explodes - fortunately no one was in it at the time. Investigation reveals it was a home made bomb. Terrorists!

Winn makes a speech about how the Federation are godless heathens, and Sisko gives her a rebuttal speech. Bareil turns up in a ship to tour DS9. Meanwhile, Neela meets with Winn to discuss their evil plan, but fail to give the prerequisite evil laughs.

O'Brien discovers the weapon sensors on the Promenade may have been tampered with, and alerts Sisko, who interrupts Neela trying to assassinate Bareil. Kira realises Winn is behind it all, but as Neela insists she was acting alone, they can't do anything. The end.
Tags: deep space 9

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