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DS9: A Man Alone

A Man Alone: Odo might have murdered someone and Keiko decides to set up a school.

Prime's playing episode 3 a bit out of order. :P

Bashir interrupts Dax having her brain teased. Apparently it's taken her 140 years to try to master the brain teaser and she hasn't succeeded yet. He has a go, but he's too caught up in flirting with her to concentrate. Then Sisko comes to call Dax away to dinner.

Odo hassles Quark, and they observe O'Brien and Keiko arguing. Odo's not keep on the whole compromising thing, and Quark fancies Dax a bit, but she's busy talking to Sisko about her culinary skills and how she's changed from since she used to be Curzon. They're distracted by Keiko storming out on O'Brien. Keiko's missing the Enterprise and is feeling useless.

Odo fights with a Bajoran. Wow, Odo's makeup is really primitive in this episode. It's obviously evolved quite a bit by the end of the season.

Jake introduces himself to Nog. For the first time. This is better than a time machine.

Odo says that the Bajoran he had a fight with is Ibudan, who Odo once arrested for killing a Cardassian. Sisko tells him off anyway. Then someone murders Ibudan in the holosuite. Unsurprisingly this doesn't look good for Odo.

Jake and Nog unleash space-fleas on quarks bar which starts making people turn funny colours and are swiftly caught. This gives Keiko the idea to set up a school, so she talks to Sisko and he gives her his full cooperation. He warns her that Bajoran religious extremists might blow it up she might have difficulty getting all the different races on board to send their kids along. Ah, hindsight.

Gene Simmons has a reality show now?

Odo admits that the murder doesn't look good for him, but carries on with the investigation.

Keiko talks to Rom about letting Nog go to her school, but he's not convinced that Nog will learn anything from a human female.

Uh oh, the residents of the station are beginning to get suspicious of Odo investigating a murder in which he's the prime suspect, and Sisko relieves Odo of his duties. Odo is unhappy.

Bashir finds that Ibudan may have been conducting some sort of experiment on board the ship he flew in on, and works on figuring out what Ibudan was doing.

Odo returns to security to find the place smashed up, and Quark turns up to gloat.

Bashir's experiment grows into something that looks like a leg of lamb, but he goes to have diner with Sisko and discuss Dax. Then Odo turns up at the bar and the rest of the customers all leave.

Keiko sets up her school but isn't enthusiastic about any of the kids actually turning up. O'Brien watches Odo take shelter in security after some Bajorans hassle him over being a murderer.

Bashir realises that Ibudan was growing a clone. Funny, it still looks like a huge pile of meat to me.

At security, the crowd turns ugly and Sisko speaks out against racism. Fortunately Bashir turns up to reveal Ibudan's plan - Ibudan cloned himself and then murdered the clone to frame Odo. Odo finds the real Ibudan on the ship he came in on, and arrests him for murdering his clone.

Kieko starts her school and has a few students actually turn up.

So... the clone Bashir grew just integrates into Bajoran society? That seems like it would be hugely problematic... I mean, doesn't it have to be educated and so on?
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