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DS9: The Homecoming

The Homecoming: Kira is alerted to the fact that a Bajoran is still a prisoner on a Cardassian world and mounts a rescue.

Less than a minute into season 2, and already Odo is hassling Quark. Although Quark has apparently just helped Odo crack a drug ring. Then an alien woman gives Quark a Bajoran earring obtained somewhere on Cardassia to return to Bajor. Quark takes it to Kira who gets excited.

Jake is going out with a girl, and Asks dad for some advice on where to take her. Sisko doesn't have anything helpful. Then Kira asks him if she can borrow a runabout, and when questioned, admits she wants to rescue a Bajoran prisoner from Cardassia Four. The prisoner is Li Nalas, the greatest resistance fighter EVAR! Sisko is skeptical that she's basing the assumption he's a prisoner on one earring.

Meanwhile, O'Brien's found some graffiti left by The Circle - the Bajoran equivalent of the KKK. Sisko starts having thoughts about sending Kira to rescue her pal and consults Dax. The answer turns out to be yes, but only if she takes O'Brien along.

So, off the pair go and are shortly hailed by a Cardassian navigational outpost but bluff their way through. When they reach Cardassia Four, they discover a dozen or so Bajoran lifesigns. They therefore land and swagger up to the work camp pretending to be a pimp with his hooker.

O'Brien... pimp... riiiiiiight.

Having infiltrated the camp, they liberate most of the prisoners and leg it back to DS9.

Man, Prime are really pushing that Housework Songs CD. Makes me wonder exactly who they think the primary audience for Star Trek is...

Gul Ducat rings up Sisko to convey apologies from the high council for still holding Bajorans as prisoners, and reports that the remaining prisoners who were left behind are being returned to Bajor.

They clean Li Nalas up, and the other Bajorans on the station start gathering around. Minister Jaro pops up from Bajor and chastises Kira for going against orders (What orders?!). But all the Bajorans seem to be happy anyway.

Masked men attack Quark while he's engaged in his favorite activity (counting his money). Sadly they only brand his head. Afterwards, Bashir removes the brand. Li Nalas is surprised that Bajorans are responsible. Also apparently the station doesn't have security camera. Slack! Quark also can't detect sarcasm when Kira says he's as "handsome as ever".

Jake says his girlfriend's dad won't let them see each other because he's not Bajoran. Awwww.

Nalas tries to stow away on a ship bound for the Gamma quadrant - he explains to Sisko that he's not a great resistance leader. He once ambushed an unarmed Cardassian and the stories were exaggerated until he was turned into a hero. Sisko gives him a pep talk, and he's declared Nabok on Bajor. Also they appoint him Bajoran Liaison officer to DS9 and Kira's been recalled. D'oh!
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