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TNG: Who Watches The Watchers?

OK, so, yesterday morning, the ADSL modem stopped working. After talking to Xtra's tech support, I used the reset button to reset to factory defaults, and it started working again. Great!

Then about 2pm, it stopped working again, and the same trick didn't fix it. Rang Xtra again, and the tech support guy was completely stumped, and passed it on to the "advanced department", and that was the last we heard. But the modem started working again overnight so... yeah, hopefully they managed to fix the problem remotely.


Who Watches The Watchers?: A Federation outpost observing a developing world is exposed.

The Enterprise is off to planet Mintaka III to restock an anthropological expedition. Unfortunately before the Enterprise can get there, there's an explosion and the holographic "duck blind" they were using goes down. They reused the concept of a duck bind, of course, in Star Trek: Insurrection.

The natives on the planet have pointy ears and look vaguely like Vulcans. Two of them spot the outpost and climb up to look at it while Geordi is busy fixing the holographic generator. Startled by the Enterprise crew members, he falls from the rock face and Crusher has to beam him to sick bay - unfortunately this is witnessed by the man's daughter. Geordi finishes fixing the holographic generator.

Back on the ship, Picard is Perturbed, and asks why Crusher didn't just let Liko die. Picard, you dick! Crusher attempts to erase Liko's recent memories, and they beam him back down to the planet, where he's reunited with his daughter Oji. Unfortunately the memory erasing didn't work, and the pair decide that Liko was saved by olde tyme gods.

The Enterprise scans are insufficient in locating Palmer, one of the expedition members who was injured and wandered off in a daze. Riker and Troi are physically altered by Crusher to look like natives, and beam down to look for the man, and find Liko and Oji telling everyone about the gods they've just encountered. They attempt to convince everyone that Liko's experiences were a dream, but then, inconveniently, two natives turn up with the injured Palmer.

The natives believe by keeping Palmer safe, their great god the Picard will grant them mild winters and bring back the dead. As the cultural contamination grows, it looks more and more like they're going to have to nuke the site from orbit to uphold the Prime Directive. Riker frees Palmer.

What the hell is this "Bite Club" programme? Are they actually making animals fight to the death onscreen?!

Unfortunately Riker's spotted making off with Palmer, and the natives give pursuit. WTF? Random bird over the ridge?! Riker finds somewhere to hide and beams up with Palmer - unfortunately the other natives capture Troi, as they believe she has angered the Picard. Picard looks annoyed all right. They started talking about punishing Troi to avoid the Picard's anger.

There's a debate, and Barron (leader of the expedition) suggests Picard beam down and give them some sort of sign as to what he wants. Picard is not impressed with this suggestion and comes up with an alternate plan.

They beam Nuria, leader of the Mintakans aboard the Enterprise where Picard greets her and she immediately falls to her knees. Picard tells her to get up and sets about establishing the fact that he's mortal and explaining how progress and invention work. Nuria asks Picard to restore six natives who died a year or so ago, and he realises that he's failed to get through to her.

Back on the planet, there's a storm, and the natives think it's a sign from the Picard, so they decide to execute Troi.

In sick bay, one of the expedition members is dying, so Picard takes Nuria to watch. Sick bastard. She finally realises that Picard is not all powerful, and the pair beam down in time to stop Niko shooting Troi. Niko still believes that Picard is a god, and shoots him with an arrow. Unsurprisingly, Picard falls over and bleeds copiously. Fortunately it's not mortal, and Crusher fixes him up. After some farewells, the Enterprise sods off.

That was superb!
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