Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: The Circle

The Circle: More Bajoran political ructions.

Sisko is somewhat annoyed that Kira's been reassigned from the station. The only reason they're assigning Li Nalis to the station is so he'll be off Bajor and out of everyone's hair, anyway. Jake finds another Bajoran KKK symbol graffiti'd on the Promenade.

Odo bitches at Kira for giving in so easy. Then Dax and Bashir turn up and there's lots of snappy and witty dialogue. Then O'Brien and Quark turn up. And Vedik Bariel turns up to mention that there are lots of people with guns on Bajor and invited her to his monestary. Bariel's a smooth operator! Also she goes to fairwell Sisko in Ops, and runs into her replacement.

Kira tries to build a row of stones across a stream in Bariel's arboretum, and concludes that she's crooked. Then he shows her to the third Celestial Orb and she has a vision involving being naked and making orgasm faces at Bariel. Ooo, I don't want to see this (covers eyes)

On the station, Quark goes to Odo and says they should leave because the Circle is apparently heavily armed - Kressari have been supplying them with guns. Odo deputizes Quark, much to the Ferengi's amusement, until Odo threatens to put him in a cell.

Vedik "Nazi ho-bag" Winn turns up at the monestary and wanders about being condescending and bitchy. Winn has the mutant ability to induce in other people the urge to punch her on the nose. I'm not entirely sure therefore how she managed to rise to the position of Vedik.

Sisko talks to the Bajoran high ups over why they're not doing anything about the Circle, and about getting Kira back. He also visits Kira in the arboretum, though shortly after he leaves, she's attacked by robed figures.

Odo stows away on the Kressari ship which turns up, and spots them meeting with a Cardassian.

Kira finds that the Circle is run by... Minister Jaro. Meanwhile on the station, Quark's found out where the Circle's headquarters are, and Sisko sets about on a rescue mission. There's a fire fight, but they manage to extract Kira.

As Bashir treats Kira, Odo turns up with the proof that the Circle is unwittingly beign supplied with weapons from the Cardassians. Sisko tries to get Dax to have Li Nalis address the Bajoran council by subspace, but all the frequencies are being jammed.

On the planet, Jaro makes a deal with Winn, and they send ships to expell the non-Bajorans from DS9. Sisko talks to an Admiral, who says the prime directive applies, and they need to evacuate the station. Sisko starts making arrangements. To be continued!
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