Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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TNG: The Bonding

The Bonding: A crewwoman dies, and the whole crew drops everything to comfort her son.

Some archaeologists have found evidence of the Koinonians, a race which destroyed itself after a protracted war. Suddenly Worf asks for emergency beam out, and one of the archaeologists arrives dead. Worf reports that there was an explosive device in the caves which went off without warning. Troi reports that the dead crewwoman had a son, who is on board and has only an aunt and uncle on Earth left. Picard and Troi go to break the news, while Wesley angsts on the bridge.

Worf... goes back to his quarters to cut himself. Dude.

Picard and Troi break the news to Jeremy, the woman's son, who has Star Fleet regulation hair.

Data approaches Riker in Ten Forward. Riker appears to be drinking something peach-flavoured. Very manfully. Anyway, Data asks Riker about how significant knowing someone well has on how one reacts to a death. Meanwhile, Geordi reports back with some explosives he's found, but thinks someone seems to have dug them up recently.

Troi talks to Worf, who is angsting over the death on his watch. That's nicely shot though the grating there. Worf wants to bond Klingon-style with Jeremy over their respective losses, but Troi doesn't think that would be a good idea. Worf chats with Jeremy re the nature of death.

Sheesh, you'd think no one had died on board the ship before.

Troi and Picard consult on how Jeremy is dealing his his mother's death. They're called to the bridge where Riker reports an energy field has been detected on the planet. Hey, there's an ensign back there in the old-style uniform. Weird.

Crusher suggests that Wesley talk to Jeremy, which triggers a tearful discussion about Mr Crusher and hugging.

Then there's another scene in the B plot, in which Geordi says something about fluctuations in the antimatter pods. And then back to Jeremy, who appears to be hallucinating his dead mom.

Troi reports there's a presence on the Enterprise. That would be Mom, who is assuring Jeremy that she's actually alive and not dead, and tells him that they're going to go live on the planet. Unfortunately for her, at this point Worf turns up and is somewhat surprised to find her alive.

Picard and Troi intercept them in a transporter room. As soon as Worf pulls him away from Mom's side, she disappears. Troi returns Jeremy to his quarters, where they find its been transformed into his house on Earth, and Mom is back. Troi tells her off for trying to get Jeremy to live in a fantasy world. Jeremy, however, wants to stay.

Geordi comes up with a cunning plan to sever the control signal coming from the surface. Fortunately this works, much to Jeremy's disappointment.

The energy field leaves the planet and starts chasing O'Brien around the transporter room, before reinstating the Jeremy's house simulation.

They shut down the transporters and seal off the corridor around Jeremy's quarters, allowing Picard to intercept them. Unfortunately Mom is still unco-operative, and the energy field is working out how to reactivate the transporters.

Mom explains that she's one of another race of life forms which cohabitated the planet when the Koinonians wiped themselves out, and feel that they have to look over Jeremy because how his mother's death. Picard calls Wesley to the scene. Things must be getting serious.

Picard and Troi point out the flaws in Mom's plan of having Jeremy live in a dream world. Wesley turns up and makes with the angst, and reveals he was angry at Picard because he'd lead the mission on which Mr Crusher had died. This is all leading up to a group hug, right? Jeremy agrees to take part in a Klingon bonding ceremony with Worf, at which point Mom realises she's beaten and sods off. That was all not very well explained, but emotional.
Tags: next generation

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