Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: The Siege

The Siege: The Federation to evacuates DS9 while Kira and Dax try to get vital evidence to the Bajoran council.

Ten minute recap! The Bajorans are on their way to kick the non-Bajorans off DS9. Sisko says he's staying, to make sure the Bajorans are delayed long enough to evacuate everyone. What the hell has that woman there done with her hair? It looks like she was going for an exaggerated Elvis do.

Quark has already come up with a plan for making money off the evacuation. Jake and Nog are complaining about their friendship being broken up. Keiko is upset because O'Brien's staying on the station to help Sisko.

Ah, Quark has overbooked the transports off the station. An age old tradition, but one which nearly gets him a punch on the nose from Sisko. Also, Rom sold his seat, so Quark finds himself stranded on the station, much to his distress.

The Bajorans board the station, but everyone who stayed on board is in hiding. Meanwhile, Dax and Kira are on a moon looking for old resistance fighters and encountering spiders the size of dogs. They manage to locate and activate a fighter.

On the station, the Bajorans are becoming nervous. Sisko discovers that O'Brien has only replicated combat rations to sustain them. Quark is the only one who thinks this is intensely funny.

Bashir's team ambushes some Bajorans in a cargo bay and takes them prisoner.

Kira and Dax encounter two Bajoran patrol ships. Uh oh.

O'Brien and Nalas get into a firefight and are pinned down. Sisko comes to the rescue with some covering fire and a smoke bomb.

The pair on board the resistance fighter manage to down one of the patrol ships, but the other one shoots them down.

Five more Bajorans are lured into a holo-suite and trapped, whereupon Sisko explains about how the Cardassians are supplying weapons. One of them beams out to ops, and the rest of the Bajorans set about looking for the rebels.

Kira appears to ahve been injured in the crash, but they make their way towards... where ever. Oh, the monestary. Which they reach, and dress up as nuns, so they can safely travel to the council chambers.

Bashir's team starts a diversion at one of the airlocks and are captured, allowing Sisko's team to capture the general in charge of the Bajorans.

Meanwhile, Kira reaches the council and presents the council with evidence that the Cardassians are behind the weapons being supplied to The Circle. Fortunately the news reaches DS9, and the Bajorans return the station to Star Fleet. Unfortunately one of the Bajorans is not happy about this, and tries to shoot Sisko - Li Nalas, of course, gets in the way and is promptly killed.

Kira angsts about the death, and all the runabouts return to the station. That was all almost too easy. Hrm.
Tags: deep space 9

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