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TNG: The Enemy - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2007-06-03 11:13
Subject: TNG: The Enemy
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Tags:next generation
Ah, the Enterprise mpreg episode. Trek, thou art batshit on occasion.

The guy hosting Deal or No Deal on TV3 has a vague resemblance to Mr Bennett from Heroes. Weird.

The Enemy: Star TRek rips offpays homage to Enemy Mine.

The enemy... within? Without? Inside? What?

OK, so, Riker, Worf and Geordi beam down to a planet and find the remains of a Romulan ship. Worf locates a Romulan, while Geordi falls down a hole. Unable to find him, Riker and Worf beam back to the ship with the unconscious Romulan.

Picard and Riker discuss whether the Romulans are planning anything (duh) while Geordi messes about in the mud.

Crusher says she's having trouble treating the Romulan, and thinks that the conditions on the surface may have a degenerative effect on neural pathways. She brings the Romulan around long for a bit and Riker questions him futilely. Wesley comes up with a plan to send a neutrino probe down to the surface for Geordi to find. Also, they receive a transmission that there's a Romulan vessel on the way. First appearance of Andreas Katsulas as Tomalak, I think. Tomalak claims the Romulan ship crashed due to a navigational error.

Wait, Pearl Harbour was a bloody preamble for war? So all of WWII which took place before 1941 was just minor skirmishes, huh? Sheesh.

Geordi spots the neutrino probe and recognises it as Wesley's handywork. Obviously the rest of the crew are too dull-minded to think of such a thing. Unfortunately for Geordi, another Romulan survivor brains him with a rock. Geordi responds by hitting him with sarcasm. Suddenly rocks fall, everyone diesand the Romulan is injured, but still insists on pointing a gun at Geordi.

Crusher discovers that Worf is a match to donate ribosomes to the Romulan patient. Worf is not happy.

Geordi's pal identifies himself as Centurion Bochra. Bochra is unwilling to let Geordi go fidget with the neutrino beacon, but Geordi talks him into it. Then Geordi's air filter packs up, and he's effectively blind.

Riker confronts Worf about his racism against Romulans. Although Worf starts having second thoughts about his position, there's still the problem of the Romulan's racism against Klingons. D'OH!

Bochra suggests that Geordi wire his visor to his tricorder, but Geordi says the devices are incompatible. Damn proprietary connectors. I bet he can't plug his ipod into it either. Bochra helps him connect the two together anyway, and they start heading for the neutrino beacon.

Picard tries to talk Worf into donating his ribosomes, but fails. Crusher reports the Romulan just died. Uh oh. Tomalak's ship arrives and demands the patient, and Picard has to break the bad news. A standoff ensues, however they detect Geordi and his pal at the beacon. Picard gives a speech to talk Tomalak out of starting another war, and they beam Geordi and Bochra to the bridge. This is why Picard is the Captain.
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User: southerndave
Date: 2007-06-03 09:21 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I don't even remember this episode. Which is probably a good thing. Interestingly, though, my all time favourite Trek episode also reminded me more than a little bit of "Enemy Mine".

I suppose they've been learning from Who: if you have to steal, then steal from the best...
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