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DS9: Cardassians

Cardassians: A Cardassian orphan living on Bajor turns out to be the son of a Cardassian official.

Only slightly less generic than calling your episode "The Enemy".

Bashir chats with Garak, but they're interrupted by a Bajoran appearing with a Cardassian boy. Who bites Garak after the tailor wanders over to say hi.

Why are episode titles in quotes for DS9, anyway?

Dukat contacts Sisko re the attack on Garak. Apparently a lot of Cardassian children were orphaned on Bajor after the withdrawal, and Dukat believes they're being brought up by Bajorans to hate their own kind. Discussion ensues with the boy's foster father.

Meanwhile, Quark is annoyed because some alien is having a winning streak. Bashir talks to the alien, who was a witness to the attack on Garak, and who says that the boy isn't treated well by his parents because he's a Cardassian. The foster dad, of course, denies this. Sisko separates father and son just to be on the safe side. Son is called Rugal. Poor son.

Garak tells Bashir that Dukat was in charge of the evacuation of Bajor. Bashir pops up to ops, where Sisko and Dukat are having a conversation. Dukat claims the civilian Cardassian supriors made the decision to leave the children behind. Sisko is unimpressed with the interruption, but amused by Dukat's squirming.

Rugal is staying with the O'Briens. Miles has Cardassian racism, and is unimpressed when Keiko produces a Cardassian dish from the replicator. Trek is all about the racism today! Except Enterprise, which was about mpreg. Though it had the Klingons and their human hate, but then the Klingons hated everyone back then.

Later on, O'Brien chats with Rugal about being a Cardassian living on Bajor. Rugal wishes he wasn't Cardassian.

Garak wakes Bashir in the middle of the night and asks to be taken to Bajor. Sisko is unimpressed by being woken up by Bashir asking for a runabout, and then even less impressed by Dukat ringing up to say they've located Rugal's Cardassian father, who is already on the way to DS9.

Bashir and Garak nip down to the settlement where the buy was from and check out the records. They encounter more Cardassian children, who ask if they're going to be returned to Cardassia. Awwwww. On the way back to the station, Bashir stops the ship and demands some answers from Garak, who says it's a bit of a coincidence that the Cardassian boy just happens to turn out to be the son of a Cardassian leader.

Said leader, Kotan Pa'Dar, turns up on the station and has a chat with O'Brien. Rugal doesn't remember Pa'Dar at all, calls him a butcher, and says he'll never return to Cardassia. Pa'Dar and the foster dad ask for Sisko to act is arbitrator. Also Gul Dukat arrives on the station. Sisko would be tearing his hair out by now, if it was long enough.

Oh yeah, I forgot what a long neck Dukat has. Maybe the uniform accentuates it.

Meanwhile, Garak thinks that Dukat purged the file on Rugal from the Bajoran database in order to hide something. They contact the women at the orphanage, who says that Rugal was originally brought to them by a Cardassian officer. Bashir nips in to the meeting Sisko is having, and confronts Dukat, who storms out. Sisko decides to send Rugal home with Pa'Dar.

Dull title, dull episode. Meh.
Tags: deep space 9

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