Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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The Price

The Price: Troi has a romance while negotiations take place for the use of a stable wormhole.

Man, all these "The noun(s)" titles suck.

Troi tries to persuade the computer to provide her with a real chocolate sundae, but then is called to Ten Forward to look at a wormhole. Which is going to be auctioned off, because it's stable. Meanwhile, Troi makes doe-eyes at one of the newcomers.

Suddenly, Ferengi arrive. This can't end well. They irritate Picard pretty much as soon as they beam aboard, and he sods off to leave them to show off their gold.

Troi looks up info on Devinoni Ral, the fellow she was making eyes at before, and the man himself turns up and asks her to dinner. She asks about the other woman he had hanging off him before, but he glosses over it. I bet he ate her. Hair porn! Having given her hair porn, he sods off again, probably to organise dinner.

Data reports that the wormhole leads to the gamma quadrant, a trip which would ordinarily take a century to complete at warp. They decide to do more analysis of the wormhole to make sure they're not being sold a lemon.

Meanwhile, the Ferengi have come up with an evil plan to knock the other bidders out of the running - a contact poison which will temporarily incapacitate them.

Ral drops by Troi's quarters again for champers and sex before dinner.

The Federation bidder staggers into sick bay and collapses. The Ferengi, meanwhile, are bitching that Picard is going to send a probe through the worm hole. Picard nominates Riker as a replacement.

Geordi and Data nip though the wormhole in a shuttle, along with two Ferengi in another shuttle.

After another day of negotiating, Ral returns to Troi's quarters for more sex, and she gets irritated when he mentions Riker, Eventually he reveals he's also half Betazoid, and then they do sex.

The two shuttles reach the other end of the wormhole, and Data realises they're not in the gamma quadrant where the wormhole is supposed to come out.


... and another scene, which ends up with Ral being cut off mid-sentence. One of the other groups draws out of the proceedings.

Geordi and Data try to tell the Ferengi they need to head back through the wormhole, but the Ferengi don't listen. Geordi takes the shuttle back through, and shortly afterwards, the Ferengi witness their end of the wormhole speeding off into the distance - the other end is unstable.

Troi tells Ral she suspects he hasn't told everyone he's an empath to gain an advantage, and he claims it's no different to her work on the Enterprise. Later on, Riker and Ral chat in Ten Forward, and Ral tries to rile Riker up. This backfires somewhat, and Riker leaves looking smug.

Meanwhile, the Ferengi power up weapons, because they believe that the Federation has made a secret deal to get the wormhole. They shoot at the wormhole, thought the Enterprise shoots down their missile. While Riker is called to the bridge, Ral continues negotiations. Picard tries to talk sense into the Ferengi, and Troi says they're lying - then Ral appears and says he's won the bid for the wormhole. Troi reveals that Ral is an empath and has been manipulating proceedings.

Finally, the shuttle returns to the Enterprise and reports that the other end of the wormhole is unstable and therefore worthless. Riker looks even more smug.

Ral visits Troi in her quarters again, and asks her to elope with him, and she tells him to sod off.

Bah, Ferengi.
Tags: next generation

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