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TNG: The Vengeance Factor

The Vengeance Factor: Picard tries to reconcile a rogue group of Acamarians with the rest of their race.

Riker and a team beam into a room with a really green lighting scheme, and look for why the place hasn't been answering hails. After Data and Worf force a door open, they find a couple of bodies. They were overcome by GREEN!

Crusher reports the pair were zapped by stun phasers. Also there's Acamarian blood on a shard of glass, which Picard says means a bunch of marauders known as Gatherers. They head for the Acamar system to complain to the Acamarian leader about it. They take said leader, Marouk, on board (evidently Acamar doesn't take much leading) along with a bunch of servants. Riker shows the cook how to use the replicator, and she insists on tasting it first (Marouk is that popular back home that people likely to try poisoning her?!)

They nip over to another planet to look for Gatherers, and find a huge stash of tech, including the missing generator, and then get ambushed by Marauders. Riker has a cunning plan to create a smokescreen to pretend to beam up, then ambush the Marauders while their guard is down. Riker pwns!

Marouk, Picard and the clan leader, Brull, have a meeting to try to get them to give up their ways and return to Acamar. Meanwhile, the cook kills one of the Gatherers in secret, claiming to be from an opposing clan. Brull agrees to take Marouk and Picard to see the Gatherer's leader, but then they're interrupted by the discovery of the killed Gatherer's body. Crusher beams down and says the guy died via a heart attack, but can't work out what caused it. The ship sets off anyway.

Brull's amused by Wesley flying the ship. Wesley's concerned at taking the ship through an asteroid belt. Presumably this is one of those densely-populated movie asteroid belts, and not a real one. Brull later asks Wesley what he's up to in Ten Forward, and Wesley gives the most densely-packed technobabble sentence ever. This doesn't put Brull off, and the guy starts talking about his children. Meanwhile, Marouk's cook prepared a Acamarian dish for Riker, who obviously fancies her. Well, of course he does - she has girl parts. Riker's called to sick bay, where Crusher says she found a micro-virus in the dead Gatherer, keyed to his genetic pattern.

Dun dun duuuuuuuun!

Cook turns up in Riker's quarters. Riker gets the "I'm gonna get some!" look and snogs her, but then feels icky about the fact that she feels obligated as a servant to sex him up. Any further discussion is interrupted by a Gatherer ship shooting at them - Brull identifies it as belonging to Chorgan, the gatherer in charge. Worf knocks out their forward shields, and suddenly Ghorgan is keen to talk. Picard, Marouk and the cook beam over to talk with Chorgan, who's not really impressed with the offers on display.

Crusher reports she's been looking through the Acamarian medical logs and found another similar death - the deaths were both from the Lornack clan, the same clan Chorgan belongs to. Data finds that the cook was present at the previous death - 53 years ago and she hasn't aged a day.

The meeting is not going well. Voices are being raised. Picard suggests a break and some brandy. Then Riker beams down and confronts the cook, who confesses that she's the lone survivor of a clan which the Lornack clan wiped out. She fails to listen to reason, and lunges for Chorgan, forcing Riker to disintegrate her with his phaser. Riker is sad because he didn't get to shag her, and goes to Ten Forward to mope. Oddly Guinen doesn't attempt to cheer him up, so I guess Whoopee was too busy this episode. Picard turns up to make a token gesture of store leave which Riker passes on.

That was actually quite good. :)
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