Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Necessary Evil

Necessary Evil: An attempt on Quark's life reopens the investigation into a five year old murder.

Quark's on Bajor, chatting to a Bajoran woman in a very slinky outfit who wants him to retrieve something from the station. Quark returns to the station and breaks into the security lockup with Rom, who seems surprisingly clued up on breaking and entering, might to Quark's alarm. They retrieve a box, containing a piece of paper with names on it. While Quark's looking at the list, a Bajoran shoots him and takes the paper. Quark's dead. HUZZAH!

Rom is distressed, until Odo points out he stands to inherit the bar. When Odo threatens to investigate him, Rom spills about the box and the list. Odo recalls back when he was appointed investigator by Gul Dukat and assigned a Bajoran murder to investigate - the murder of the husband of the woman Quark met with in the pre-credits teaser. The wife says the dead man was having an affair, and points out Kira as the one he was having an affair with.

Odo questions Rom some more, who says the first name on the list was something like Ches'so, and then asks Kira if she knows the name. Odo recalls questioning Kira about the murder five years ago, and her denying everything. Then he goes to Bajor and questions the widow about the list Quark was after, and she also denies everything. Odo asks about how she managed to get money to have her power turned on, and she'll only say she got some money from a friend.

Odo visits Quark, who's apparently still clinging to life. Kira says she's located a man called Ches'sarro, who is the most likely match for the name Rom recalled, but he was killed the night before in a mysterious drowning "accident". Back in the flashback, Odo meets Quark for the first time to check on Kira's alibi. Quark reveals Kira paid him for the alibi.

Odo's investigation has turned up that the widow has been phoning up a bunch of people, who've been paying her money - blackmail. Unfortunately the Bajoran who shot Quark overhears him telling Sisko.

Back in the flashback, Odo questions Kira again, and she admits that she's in the Bajoran underground, there to commit acts of sabotage - she was doing so when the murder was committed. Dukat turns up, and Odo says Kira didn't kill the victim, and lets her go.

The Bajoran killer attempts to kill Quark again, but is interrupted by Rom who keeps him busy long enough for Odo to catch the fellow. They arrest the widow as well, just to be on the safe side. However Odo realises that someone in the Bajoran underground killed the victim - Kira admits it was her all along. She was looking for the list of Cardassian sympathizers, and killed the fellow when he walked in on her.

Now that was a pretty good episode, I must say...
Tags: deep space 9

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