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TNG: The Hunted

I really really really hate colds.

The Hunted: While considering a planet's entry into the federation, a prisoner escapes from the local colony.

The Enterprise is visiting Angosia III, which has been recovering from a recent war. James "Zephram" Cromwell's playing the prime minister, Nayrok. A prisoner escapes from the Angosian panel colony. As the Enterprise crew watches, his ship nips behind an asteroid, and only the (apparently uninhabited) drive section appears on the other side. When they investigate further, they find wreckage, but the drive section has well and truly sodded off, so apparently wasn't all that uninhabited.

Nayrok reports that the escapee is a highly violent prisoner named Danar. After some more work, they locate the drive section hiding in the magnetic distortion over the pole. After some more dickery, they beam Danar out of an escape pod. He struggles with O'Brien and a couple of security officers, but Worf and Riker turn up and manfully subdue him.

Nayrok asks Picard to hold onto Danar for a while 'til they repair the damage the guy did while escaping. Data reports that Danar apparently has no life signs - even now the ship can't detect him in the detention cell. Troi, however, evidently senses something and pops down to detention to talk to Danar. He impresses her so much, she tells Picard Danar has a non-violent personality. Picard's no convinced, possibly because of the number of people Danar beat up shortly after arriving on board.

Troi and Data check Danar's criminal record and find he has none, then find he used to be a soldier with an impeccable record. Puzzled, Troi goes back to psychoanalyse Danar some more. As it turns out, the alterations made to his mind and body to make him the perfect soldier make him unable to cope in normal Angosian society. Nayrok says that they've tried deprogramming the soldiers, without success.

Troi tells Danar maybe when Angosia joins the Federation, they'll be able to pressure the Angosian government, but Danar says he'll die before he returns to the lunar colony. When they try to beam Danar back to the colony, he interferes with the transporter - there's an explosion of light and he disappears.

The ship's goes into security alert mode and they start searching for Danar. Don't they have CCTV on starships? Sheesh. Danar tries to take a turbolift, and they divert it to where Worf is, but all that's in it when it arrives is a phaser on overload. Worf, fortunately, is able to turn it off. Danar, meanwhile, has reached Engineering and, knocking out everyone within, restores power to shuttlebay 2 and escapes through a jeffries tube to a cargo bay where he tries to activate a transporter. Fortunately everyone's onto him by now, and Picard has Data flood the cargo bays with gas. Worf find a pressure suit is missing from one of the cargo bays, so they continue searching, and Worf jumps Danar when he appears out of hiding in the cargo bay.

Unfortunately at this point an explosion knocks out power to the cargo bay, and Danar kicks Worf's arse then uses the cargo bay transporter to beam to the Angosian transport ship.

Picard and Riker realise they've just been pwned badly. Nayrok reports that Danar has attacked the lunar colony, liberating a bunch of prisoners, and is now on his way to the capital. Picard, Data, Troi and Worf beam down to helptell Nayrok off for imprisoning their soldiers rather than attempt to deprogram them. Mid-scolding, the prisoners turn up and hold everyone at gunpoint. They turn out to be unable to shoot people who aren't hostile towards them, but refuse to go back to the lunar colony. When Nayrok asks for help, Picard smirks and beams back to the Enterprise. Teh end.

Another really good episode!
Tags: next generation

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