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bandwidth protection script

I have altered the script so that if the person browsing already has a cached version of the image, it tells them to use that instead.

However, the images on my music page still seem to be a bit slow to come up when I browse it. I believe that this is because in order to avoid changing any of the pages themselves, I merely redirected the music/img directory to point to the script. This would mean that every time the browser goes to load the images, it puts in the request, is redirected, *then* is told that the image hasn't changed. I can change the <img> links to link directly to the script, but then I lose the ability to test the pages on my local copy.

Unless I run a copy of apache on my own PC for testing purposes. This is probably not a good idea. I am working on writing a basic web server which will run on my local PC which will be set up so it can only be accessed from the same PC it is running on.

Cunning, eh?

Well, it will be once I finish it.

In the meantime, I should put the revised version of the protection script up on my page.

I have caffeine. can you tell?

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