Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Second Sight

Second Sight: A terraformer intends to reignite a star, while Sisko meets an attractive young woman.

Sisko is emo because it's the anniversary of his wife's death, and Jake is disturbed by a strange dream he's had. Ah, abandonment anxiety dream. After Jake goes back to bed, Sisko wanders off to the Promenade and encounters a young woman named Fenna who he hits it off with immediately, until a man with two heads pops up and asks "Hey, is this guy boring you?"she mysteriously disappears while he's looking in the other direction.

The next morning, Kira is disturbed because Sisko is drinking tea. Sisko goes to talk with Professor Seyetik, a terraformer who's on board for a while. They're going to reignite a dead sun (what?!). Later on, over dinner, Dax notices that Sisko is distracted, although oddly cheerful. He wanders back onto the Promenade and encounters Fenna again, and takes her on a tour of the station. She refuses to say anything about herself and runs off when he asks.

Jake later notes Sisko is being emo again over dinner, and they discuss Fenna and the way she keeps disappearing. Sisko goes to Odo to ask for help in tracking her down. Odo is bemused, but says he'll do what he can.

Seyetik has a toast to celebrate leaving to try to reignite the star, and explains how he's going to do it. Hmm, sounds plausible. His wife turns up... and it's Fenna. SHOCK! Evidently the pair are swingers. Over dinner, Sisko and Dax discuss how Fenna is acting like she doesn't recognise him. Multiple personalities? After dinner, Sisko attempts to talk to her, but she claims ignorance.

Odo says he hasn't found anything, but Sisko says she found her on the Prometheus. Odo says the professor is the only one who's left the ship the entire time it's been docked. Sisko is perplexed. Random Quark scene! Quark tries to pimp the holodecks to Sisko, but he sods off and encounters Fenna again. Fenna claims to know nothing of Professor Seyetik's wife and they have a good snog. And then she glows blue and disappears. Sisko moves from perplexed to bewildered.

He volunteers to accompany Prof Seyetik and his wife on the ship to reignite the star. This includes having to listen to Seyetik's endless self-absorbed stories. Sisko returns to his quarters and encounters Fenna. Dax gives her a tricorder scan and reads only pure energy. They take Fenna to Seyetik's quarters, where they find Seyetik's wife dying. Seyetik recognises Fenna, however.

Seyetik explains that his wife is a psycho-projective telepath who has lost control of her abilities because she's emotionally distraught. His other wives all left him because he's frankly difficult to live with, but his current wive's species mate for life.

Sisko tries to convince Fenna to disappear again so Seyetik's wife recovers, but they're interrupted by the news that Seyetik's nipped off in a shuttlecraft. Seyetik crashes into the star, reigniting it, and Fenna promptly disappears. Seyetik's widow, sadly, has no memory of Fenna's experiences and wants to return to her homeworld, thus squelching any chance Sisko has of scoring. Sisko resumes emo mode.
Tags: deep space 9

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