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DS9: Sanctuary

Sanctuary: Some aliens from the Gamma quadrant turn up through the wormhole and decide that Bajor is their legendary homeworld.

Sisko complains to Kira that she hasn't given him the duty roster yet. She's having problem with Bajoran ministers. Before she can do the report, she's sidetracked to Quark's bar, where some Bajoran is playing a tune suspiciously close to the DS9 theme on a flute. Quark is annoyed that his customers are too busy listening to the flute playing to eat and/or drink and therefore his profits are down. Kira suggests to the player that he might try playing something more upbeat.

A ship limps through the wormhole with failing life support and Sisko has four survivors beamed to the station (lucky they were oxygen breathers, hmm?). The universal translators can't translate their language, so Sisko and Kira take them to the infirmary while the computers work on their language. Man, it's like herding cats. Eventually they get to the infirmary and Bashir treats their wounds. Then Sisko and Kira show them to quarters and give them food. Which looks like sticks. Fortunately the universal translators start working, and the woman, Haneek, explains that her people, the Skrreean, need help. There are three million of them and they must be brought through the wormhole.

Wow, that entire first act was just padding.

Haneek says the Skrreean are a matriarchy because the men are too emotional to be leaders. She's come in search of Kentanna, the legendary home of her people, which is said to be just beyond the Great Eye of the Universe (the wormhole). Also, there's another mention of the Dominion. Kira discovers that two of the male Skrreeans who came on board with Haneek are her husbands (The other is her son, Tumak. Kira also presents her with a dress which Haneek had earlier taken interest in, only to find the interest was purely due to it being hideous. Whups.

Jake and Nog talk about girls and bugs, and observe one of the Skrreean males eating scraps from a plate in Quark's bar.

More Skrreean ships turn up at the station and soon the place is crawling with the buggers. Odo catches Nog running from Tumak and some Skrreean boys after having sprayed them with something stinky. Oh, that Nog. Quark picks him up from security, and says the Skrreans are trouble (mainly because they never buy anything. Also they have flaky skin). Odo is amused at the thought they're driving Quark's customers away.

The Skrreeans appoint Haneek their new leader but, as she admits to Kira, she's worried that she might not be able to lead them to Kentanna. The flute player gives Haneek a holograph of himself playing (the future equivalent of giving out CDs, I guess).

Nog tries to apologise on Jake's prompting, but ends up in a fight. Quark breaks it up, but starts with the racial slurs and Tomak storms out.

Sisko and Dax have come up with Draylon II as a new home for the Skrreeans, but unfortunately Haneek has looked at some star charts and decided Bajor is, in fact, Kentanna. You don't want to be messing with the Bajorans. Many of them are batshit. 45 minutes in and the A plot is only just beginning to emerge...

The Bajorans are less than keen. In fact, they turn the Skrreeans down. Sisko thinks Draylon II is still promising, but the Skrreeans are very annoyed about the whole thing. Tomak takes a ship and heads for Bajor. DS9 security is made of fail. Despite trying to talk Tomak down, and contacting a Bajoran general, the Skrreean ship is destroyed.

Haneek tells Kira that her people are batshit. The Skrreeans opt to meekly go and colonise Draylon II and are never heard of again.

On a related note, I posted all my reviews of Doctor Who Series 3 to my weblog: episodes 1-5, episodes 6-9, episodes 10-13. There are lots of spoilers.

Now, back to getting the next issue of TSV ready to go online. :)
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