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TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise

Oooh look, it's the episode of Enterprise where Archer commits genocide through inaction! Hooray! He's a hero!

Yesterday's Enterprise: Reality changes as the Enterprise C travels 22 years into the future.

Guinen introduces Worf to prune juice. This is a highly important moment in the series which will impact on all the seasons to come. She also suggests he might want to try finding a mate. Just then a blue swirly thing appears, which Guinen obviously recognises. Then a starship flies through it, and suddenly everyone's wearing a different uniform and Tasha Yar isn't dead. Yar reports the new ship is the Enterprise C.

Pity they didn't tweak the title sequence a bit, but ah well.

As Picard orders emergency teams over to the other ship, Wesley reports incoming Klingon battle cruisers. Captain Garrett and Lt. Castillo are the only survivors of the bridge crew on the C.

Guinen makes her way up to the bridge to complain about the temporal changes. She's not entirely sure how things have changed, just knows everything has. Picard is staggered when she suggests there should be children on the ship, because of the war and all.

Garrett says they were answering a distress signal from a Klingon outpost and were attacked by the Romulans which were destroying it, and Picard admits that she's 22 years in the future, though he is concerned if they return to the past they could change the future. Data and Picard discuss the fact that the time warp is two-way, and they could send the Enterprise C back through it.

Yar and Castillo appear to be hitting it off. They visit Garrett who becomes excited when she hears Klingon warships are on the way.

Picard consults with Guinen again, who can't really prove anything, but insists she's right and the timeline must be restored. She returns to Ten Forward and gives Yar a "you are wrong" look. Yar and Castillo are definitely hitting it off.

Picard calls a meeting and briefs the command crew on the situation and how he's decided to send the Enterprise C back through the warp. The rest of the officers are perturbed, none more than Yar. Data tells her if they succeed in sending the Enterprise C back, history will change and none of them will remember what happened.

Picard admits to Garrett that the Federation is on the verge of defeat and only the Enterprise C going back in time can make a difference now. More bonding between Yar and Castillo is interrupted by the arrival of a Klingon bird of prey, which fires on the Enterprise C, killing Garrett.

Castillo says he'll captain the ship. He and Yar snog in the transporter room as he says goodbye. Yar then goes to talk to Guinen, who admits Yar is dead in the other timeline. Yar returns to Picard and asks to be transferred to the Enterprise C.

Is it just me, or has Denise Crosby's acting improved considerably since she left in season 1?

After the impassioned request, Picard allows her the transfer. Castillo is at first disagreeable, but accepts her as part of his crew.

Three Klingon warships turn up and start firing. Picard engages the Klingons, keeping them away from the Enterprise C, and destroys one of the Klingon ships. Geordi reports that the warp core is on the verge of core breach. The bridge crew start karking it in various ways, then the Enterprise C nips back through the warp and everything returns to normal. Guinen calls up to the bridge to make sure everything's OK, and then asks Geordi about Yar.

Best. Episode. Ever.
Tags: next generation

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