Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Paradise

Paradise: Sisko and O'Brien become stranded on a planet where technology doesn't work.

O'Brien claims he was rated below average at the academy, and only found his place when he was at the Cardassian front. What? The Cardassians turned up long after he was stationed on the Enterprise. WTF?

He and Sisko are scouting star systems through the wormhole. They beam down to a planet and discovered that all their technology doesn't work any more. They're immediately captured by people with bows and arrows. They're Federation colonists stranded there because of the technology problem, and now have a thriving non-technology-based society. They talk about soccer. Alixus, who appears to be something of a leader, gives a speech about how well they've coped.

Meanwhile, Kira and Dax are unable to contact Sisko's runabout.

Sisko observes that Alixus is an opinionated cow who hates technology. Joseph, the ex-engineer, says they threw away all the non-working technology. Also, there's a woman dying of an insect bite. O'Brien thinks that the medical kit on the runabout could save her, and suggests they could use the technology-suppressing duonetic field to get their combadges working, which Alixus objects strongly to.

Sisko's runabout is found nipping along at warp with no one aboard, Dax and Kira set off to investigate.

Sisko and O'Brien are working in the fields and chatting with the locals, when they observe someone being let out of a big metal box. Apparently it was his punishment for stealing a candle. Sisko and O'Brien are appalled, and set about trying to find out a way to get back to the runabout. Which they don't know isn't in orbit.

After a hard day's work, Sisko is approached by a young woman whom he realises Alixus has sent to give him sexual favours. Incensed, he approaches Alixus and points out it's awfully convenient she happened to crash on a planet which fits her technology-hating lifestyle. She assigns him to night watch. The next day, they have breakfast, and Alixus asks Sisko to work his day shift in the field.

Dax and Kira catch up with Sisko's runabout and argue about the best way to get it out of warp. How about... using the communicator to tell the runabout's computer to disengage the warp drive? No, they try some tricky maneuver with a tractor beam which Dax thinks up on the spot.

Alixus announces the sick woman died of her infection. Also she's not happy that O'Brien was trying to get his communicator working, and puts O'Brien in The Box.

Dax and Kira work out where Sisko's runabout was sent from and set course. Man, how long is it taking them to do all this? Sisko's already out of the box again and giving Alixus dirty looks. She gives him technologically inoffensive clothing, but he refuses to wear it, and instead staggers out and sticks himself back in the Box.

O'Brien is still keen on finding the source of the Duonetic field, and thinks he's figured out how to find it. He renders Joseph unconscious and sets out with a homemade compass until he finds a buried device. Before he can deactivate it, one of the colonists starts firing at him. He overcomes the colonist, deactivates the field and returns to the colony with a phaser. Alixus admits she set up the duonetic field. The colonists are shocked she's been lying to them, but fail to punch out the smug cow. At this point, Kira and Dax turn up, but the colonists are happy to stay. Sisko and O'Brien beam up with Alixus and her son. Teh end.
Tags: deep space 9

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