Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Shadowplay

Shadowplay: Odo and Dax investigate a village where people keep mysteriously disappearing.

Odo and Dax discuss the soap-opera like relationships of characters we've never heard of on the station. Dax thinks a Bolian fancies Odo. Finally, they find rare omnicron particles on a planet, and beam down to check it out. There they find a village with some sort of matter/anti-matter reactor in it, and are caught by one of the villagers.

Kira visits Quark to mention that his cousin tried to come aboard the station. The cousin is wanted for robbing a museum. She's acting as security chief while Odo's gone. Also, Sisko tells Jake he should get a job. Relevance?

Dax and Odo try to convince the villagers that they're not up to anything, and Odo proves they're not guilty by beaming up to the runabout and then beaming down again. Colyus, their captor, says the village has had 22 disappearances and asks for their help in investigating. They talk to Rurigan, who's daughter was the last to disappear. Dax isn't able to get her tricorder to work, what with all the omnicron particles, and borrows Colyus' scanner. Odo talks to Taya, daughter of the missing woman.

Sisko takes Jake to be apprentice to O'Brien. Also, Vedek Bareil pops on board the station to chat with Kira. Again, relevance?

Odo chats with Taya, who tries to persuade him to demonstrate his shape-shifting ability. Somehow she seems to be getting more information out of him than he's getting out of her. Taya says her mother disappeared while making pottery.

Back on the station, O'Brien instructs Jake on isolinear rods, and Jake says he doesn't know if he wants to go into Starfleet. Egads, we're only a third of the way through. Bareil and Kira talk religion and play Springball.

Odo questions Rurigan some more and finds the old man is dying. He asks why no one has searched outside the valley, but Rurigan says he's sure the missing people aren't out there. Odo, Dax and Taya set out to look outside the valley. As they pass a tree, the scanner disappears. Then Taya's arm disappears which she sticks it out. Returning back to the village, Dax demonstrates to Colyus that everyone in the village is a hologram.

Important news! Kira beat Bareil in Springball! And now they're having dinner and snogging. What's with the snogging on Star Trek today? Reed and T'Pol were snogging on Enterprise too. Then Kira realises that Bareil's visit is connected to Quark and runs off.

The villagers are all alarmed to find that they're holograms. They let Dax shut down the generator so she can fix it, and all of the people and buildings promptly disappear... except for Rurigan. He explained that the Dominion took over his world, so he fled to another planet, and set up a holo-village to keep him company. He asks to be taken back to Yadera Prime, but Odo persuades him that the holo-people are as much people as he is.

Jake admits to his dad that he doesn't want to join Starfleet. Kira lets Quark know they caught his cousin again.

Dax finishes fixing the reactor, and turns the village back on, complete with the 22 missing people. Odo demonstrates his shapeshifting to Taya before he and Dax beam up to the runabout and sod off.

That was... dull. the B plot was about ten minutes long at most, and pretty pointless.
Tags: deep space 9

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