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TNG: Captain's Holiday

Today's Enterprise is Fusion, in which the Enterprise plays host to a bunch of emotional Vulcans, who give T'Pol Vulcan mind-meld AIDS.

Captain's Holiday: Picard takes a holiday and finds himself caught up in a web of mayhem and intrigue!

Two aliens appear on Risa and inquire about Picard, but the computer tells them he's not here, and isn't scheduled to be there. Picard and Troi have been conducting negotiations for a trade agreement on another unimportant planet. How Star Wars. Troi says Picard is stressed and needs a vacation. They send Crusher in to browbeat him into going on vacation. Riker later intercepts him in a turbolift and suggests Risa as a holiday location. Picard is grumpy and uncooperative, until Troi mentions her mother might be joining them on the starbase they're going to. Picard is smart enough to see through this, but knows when he's beaten. Riker asks Picard to bring him back a "horgon".

Picard beams down to Risa and is immediately set on by a young woman who snogs him. "Welcome to Risa!" "A simple handshake would have sufficed." She's obviously just hiding from a Ferengi though.

LAter on, Picard tries to read a book by the poolside and is hassled by a Toclofanehoverball. He's a bit irked that attractive young women keep asking him if there's anything she can do for him, and the latest one mentions finally that the horgon he bought is a fertility symbol which broadcasts he's seeking sex, or something. Then he's approached by the Ferengi, who demands to know why he's working with someone, and wants a disk back. Despite Picard shouting, the Ferengi is not convinced, but leaves anyway. Picard returns to relaxing, and is promptly interrupted by the woman who snogged him when he first arrived. This is Vash, the woman the Ferengi was questioning Picard about earlier. Vash passes off the disc to him without his knowledge.

Picard returns to his room, where the two aliens (Vorgons) are conducting a scan. They are Ajur and Boratus, who are from the future. They ask him about the Tox Uthat, a legendary device from the future which can destroy stars. According to their records, Picard is to find a device on Risa which resembles the Tox Uthat, so they've popped by to see if it is. The two Vorgons disappear, and Picard promptly finds Vash's disc in his pocket, and goes to ask her about it. She admits it contains the location of the Tox Uthat. Sovak wants to sell the device to the highest bidder, while Vash claims she intends to present it to the Daystrom Institute. The pair partner up.

On their way to find the thing, they're intercepted by Sovak, who tells Picard that he paid Vash to steal the disc. After a short exchange, Picard punches Sovak out. I'm surprised Ferengi aren't punched in the face more often, but then perhaps they are and that's why they look the way they do...

Picard and Vash camp out in a cave. She admits that she did take Sovak's money to steal the disc. He admits that he is, in fact, enjoying himself. And then they get into bed together and talk about how stimulating the other is. Sex ensues (offscreen, of course).

Later on, they reach their destination, but Vash's tricorder is unable to detect anything because of something in the rocks. Picard breaks out the shovels. And the Vorgons promptly reappear. Vash is miffed Picard didn't mention them earlier. Sovak also turns up to point a gun at them and watch them dig. After a while digging, Picard stops digging and says he doesn't think the Tox Uthat is there. Sovak is disturbed, and so are the Vorgons, who disappear. Sovak continues to dig, but Picard and Vash return to civilisation.

The Enterprise returns to the planet, and Picard tells Riker to initiate "transporter code 14" on his request. Then he intercepts Vash and reveals that he knows she already found the Tox Uthat and removed it ages ago. The Vorgons promptly reappear and Vash reveal that the two Vorgons originally attempted to steal the Uthat. They zap Vash, Picard drops the Uthat and signals code 14 - the Uthat explodes. Defeated, the Vorgons piss off. Picard and Vash have goodbye sex, and then he returns to the Enterprise. The end.

So... transporter code 14? The Uthat looked like it was being beamed away just before the explosion, yet it's not shown again?
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