Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

TNG: Tin Man

Tin Man: The Enterprise takes a telepath to check out a giant pine cone they've found.

The Enterprise is charting a new star system when the USS Hood blats up to deliver new orders and a passenger: Tam Elbrun, a Betazoid. Elbrun calls Troi "D" and is impressed by the fact he can't read Data's mind. He also has the habit of finishing other people's sentences for them. Riker and Geordi discuss how Elbrun messed up a first contact and a bunch of people died. What a guy!

The mission is to go to a star system beyond explored space to a dying star where an unmanned probe has located some sort of living spaceship dubbed "Tin Man". It's unfortunately also in Romulan-claimed space, and two Romulan ships are also on their way.

Elbrun also has the nasty habit of eavesdropping on people's thoughts and arguing with them without them saying a word. Dick.

Crusher and Troi tell Picard that while most Betazoids only develop telepathy with adolescence, Elbrun was born with it switched on.

The Enterprise detects a masked ship following them and after some bridge discussion, they suspect it's Romulans.

Troi goes to see Elbrun, who's have trouble with all the thoughts he's picking up telepathically. After five minutes of whining, he reveals that he's already in vague telepathic contact with Tin Man.

The ship reaches the target star system, though the star's decay is increasing. Tin Man makes whale noises. Also, the Romulan ship which has been following them hoves into view, and the incidental music goes nuts. The Romulans immediately fire on them and then head for Tin Man. Geordi sets about fixing the ship.

Data observes Tin Man has habitable spaces inside. Elbrun admires Data's study of carbon-based life forms.

The Romulans prepare to fire on Tin Man, after failing to communicate. Elbrun warns Tin Man, which fires off some sort of pulse, which destroys the Romulan ship and badly damages Enterprise. Geordi complains and says it'll take 20 hours or so to fix.

Elbrun says he's communicating with Tin Man, which is the last of its kind and has come to the star to die. Elbrun wants to go on board.

Geordi gets some long-range sensors online, and they detect the other oncoming Romulan ship. This is news? Geordi hasn't got the shields up again yet. Stop slacking, Geordi!

Troi doesn't think they should let Elbrun beam over to Tin Man. Data volunteers to beam across as well to keep Elbrun grounded.

The other Romulans arrive and announce they have right of vengeance and intend to destroy Tin Man. Elbrun and Data beam over to Tin Man, before the Romulans can mount their attack. After wandering around dark, flesh-coloured corridors, they find the bridge, which grows a command chair.

Also, the star's about to blow up. So Tin Man shoves Enterprise forcibly out of the star system. They watch the star go blooie, and then Data reappears on the Enterprise bridge to report Elbrun is staying with Tin Man and they're going to have a small private wedding. Close family only.
Tags: next generation

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