Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss: Quark's ex visits the station and turns out to be a Cardassian terrorist.

Incoming damaged Cardassian ship! They tractor it into a cargo bay and greet Professor Lang and her two students. Meanwhile, in Quarks, Bashir and Garak are arguing about Cardassian politics. Also, Odo thinks Quark has a cloaking device. Then Lang turns up and slaps Quark. He must get that a lot. Apparently she's told him never to speak to her again, which is also a a good rule. He foolishly runs after her. "Is this Ferengi bothering you?" That's a redundant question if ever I've heard one.

Quark continues to bother the Cardassians, dragging them into his bar. He confides to Odo that Lang's an ex-girlfriend. Evidently the professorship is honorary. Was it his charms or his good looks that hooked her? Garak gives Lang a Look, and she hurries away with her students, saying they have to leave as soon as possible.

O'Brien reveals the damaged ship was fired on by Cardassian ships - Lang admits to Sisko that the Cardassians are after her students. As it turns out, the students are filthy liberalsdissident leaders.

Quark pays Garak a visit and fishes for information - Garak obliquely warns him about Lang's students. Quark then visits Lang who, it turns out, had defended Quark for selling food to Bajorans back during the occupation. That sounds uncharacteristically altruistic. Oh, then he ripped off the Cardassians. Also, he wants to give up the bar to be with her. She's skeptical.

A Cardassian warship arrives and assumes a hostile stance, then Garak appears in Ops to let him know he's harbouring terrorists, and the Cardassians want them back. Sisko gives them the finger.

Quark tries to give Lang's students drinks, and says he can get them off the station safely. He has a cloaking device he's going to give them on condition they persuade Lang to stay with him. Unsurprisingly, Lang is not enthusiastic about this idea, though Quark is convinced she still has feelings for him (Yes, loathing, contempt, hatred)... She points a gun at him and, when he dares her to shoot him, she, er, shoots him. Duh.

Unfortunately he's not dead. She admits that she does love him, and there's snogging. Oh god. OK, not it's just talky and boring. She's lying to get the cloaking device out of him, right? They're interrupted by Odo, who arrests Lang for violations of the good taste code, I'm sure.

Sisko visits Lang and her students in security, to let them know he's turning them over to the Cardassians in exchange for some Bajoran prisoners on order of the Bajoran provisional government. Shouldn't they have gotten around to getting a real government by now? Jeeze.

Gul Turan visits Garak and lets him know that informing High Command about the dissidents isn't enough to end his exile. Turan wants him to kill the three dissidents. Bloody Cardassians.

Quark visits Odo to plead with him to let the dissidents go. Odo isn't taken in for a minute, so Quark grossly insults him. Yeah, great work there. Oh, this is getting ugly. Throw him out, Odo! Quark starts begging, and Odo reveals he's going to free the prisoners anyway, because the Cardassians would kill them.

Quark takes the trio to their ship, where they find Garak waiting with a gun. Then Gul Turan turns up and takes over, shooing Garak away. Garak disintegrates him, and lets the three dissidents go. Quark and Lang have one last snog, and then she sods off. Teh end.

Aren't the Cardassians going to be somewhat curious re what's happened to Gul Turan? I'm sure they're not really used to Guls up and vanishing for no apparent reason...
Tags: deep space 9

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