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TNG: The Most Toys

Hmm, this episode of Enterprise is.... basically the same plot as Shadowplay. It even has Rene Auberjonois in it. You'd think he at least would have noticed.

Apparently they skipped an episode? Or played last week's episodes at a different time or something? Not sure what has happened to Acquisition and Hollow Pursuits, anyway...

The Most Toys: Data's death is faked by a collector who wants the android for his collection.

Data is shuttling hytritium to the Enterprise and is on the last run when the people he's getting it from give him a zap and start scanning him. The Enterprise crew watch his shuttle leave the other ship... and then become explodey. Noes!

Man, Picard sounds annoyed in his captain's log. Kivas Fajo, who gave them the hytritium, gives them a call. Unfortunately he has no more hytritium, but the Enterprise has just enough to complete their mission, so they head off to do it.

Meanwhile, Data "wakes up" and encounters a somewhat excited Fajo who is holding him prisoner. After trying the door, Data discovers Fajo's personal force field. Fajo shows off his collection of rare objects. Including his baseball card and his hand-puppet alien critter. Fajo and his female assistant head off to deal with some Andorians who want to buy stuff from him.

Back on the Enterprise, Geordi and Wesley go through Data's quarters, nicking his stuff. Geordi angsts over Data's death.

Fajo's assistant, Varria, brings Data clothes and tells him the Enterprise crew think he's dead. Man, her makeup is vague.

Geordi tells Picard and Riker that the shuttle explosion doesn't make sense. Picard tells him to go get some sleep. Later, Riker suggests Worf as a replacement. Because nothing says "science officer" like "Klingon". Also, isn't Worf already security officer and weapons officer? Why don't you, I don't know, actually promote someone?

Fajo tries to reason with Data some more. Data still refuses to put the new clothes on, so Fajo chucks solvent on his uniform. Data should just go around starkers just to spite him, but this is Star Trek, so...

Meanwhile, Geordi realises something. And Troi talks to Worf about how he feels about replacing Data. Did the turbo lift just arrive on the other side of the bridge from usual? Geordi and Wesley listen to Data's transmissions and Geordi points out that Data didn't report when the shuttle left the trader's ship.

Fajo shows off Data to a fellow collector, Toff. Data has indeed put his new clothing on, but stands completely motionless and unresponsive. Ha ha!

The Enterprise reaches their target and starts with the hytritium. Picard embarrassingly call Worf "Data". Worf notices some odd readings, so Riker takes an away team down.

Fajo, annoyed by Data's resistance, brings out a banned gun he happens to own, and threatens to shoot Varria. Data sits on the chair.

On the planet, Worf works out that the water supply was intentionally contaminated. Riker puts two and two together and they swiftly work out that Fajo wanted Data and set out to find him.

Data attempts to break into Fajo's safe to get his gun. Then Varria turns up and says she'll help him escape. Unfortunately Fajo intercepts them and shoots Varria dead. Data grabs a gun and tell Fajo to surrender to the authorities. Fajo taunts him, saying he won't fire, but Data is beamed out. O'Brien reports Data's holding a weapon that's discharged but Data is unclear on what happened.

Data visits Fajo in the brig and lets him know his collection of stolen items is being returned to their rightful owners.

I think Spiner was playing up Data's emotionless side this episode... Hmm...
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