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TNG: Transfigurations

Transfigurations: A strange alien with the power to heal is rescued by the Enterprise crew.

The Enterprise is hanging out in an uncharted star system. Geordi is bird watching in Ten Forward. Worf suggests that he be a bit more forward, but he's completely lost for words when she actually comes over and talks to him. Worf is disgusted. "I have much to teach you about women!"

Then Geordi's thankfully called away to be part of an away team to investigate a crashed ship. They find an injured man, and Crusher hooks his nervous system to Geordi. Before they beam him up, some sort of energy passes between the two men, but Geordi says he's fine.

Crusher applies drastic technobabble to the injured man, while the rest of the crew try to work out why he crashed. They have a computer thingee which looks like bottled water from the escape pod, and sensor readings which indicate the remains of a larger ship in orbit which appears to have been hit by phaser fire.

Picard pays a visit to sick bay, and Crusher tells him that the patient seems to be rapidly regenerating his injuries, and possibly also mutating. Data and Geordi discuss the computer capsule in Ten Forward, while Worf looks obviously disgusted at the geekery. Eventually Worf suggests they should stop geeking and start getting drunk. Then Geordi hands him the capsule and goes to chat up the woman from the pre-credits teaser. Worf to Data: "I've been tutoring him." Right.

The patient wakes up, and immediately either speaks English, or the universal translator is able to get an immediate lock on his language, both of which seem likely (It's just a show! It's just a show! Sorry). Also, he has amnesia. Crusher has imaginatively named him "John Doe". John is recovering rapidly, but still falls over a bit when he tries to walk.

Regenerating? amnesia? He's a Time Lord!

Wait, is Crusher's tricorder *pink*?! Hmm, maybe it's just the lighting.

Riker catches Geordi and his girlfriend necking in the turbolift. It appears to have been a "month or so" since they rescued John Doe. Nothing else notable happened?

O'Brien staggers into sick bay having dislocated his shoulder in a freak kayaking accident on the holodeck. Wesley also arrives in sick bay and engages John Doe in conversation. Then John heals O'Brien by touching him. OK, so he's not a Time Lord, he's the messiah.

Wesley asks his mother if she's getting romantically involved with John. She says there's merely a spiritual connection.

The computer capsule is finally cracked, revealing navigational information, and they work out where John Doe came from. Wait, it's over a month later and they're still on the same mission? Maybe Geordi was exaggerating over how long he's been having good luck. John Doe doesn't want to return home. Picard says they won't get there for another three weeks anyway. What? are they travelling at warp 0.00001? After Picard and Crusher leave, John's chest glows.

Crusher and John hang out in Ten Forward, and John explains he's on a journey of some kind.

An unidentified ship appears on sensors, on an intercept course, and don't respond to hails.

John collapses in sick bay after his chest glows again, and then runs out when Crusher tries to administer help. He heads to a shuttle bay, but Worf turns up shortly after with a security detail and Crusher. John glows again, and the force knocks Worf over the railing, killing him. John resurrects Worf.

John admits that he was trying to steal a shuttlecraft, but doesn't know why. OK, that white outfit they have John in is causing some unfortunate camel toe there. Finally the unidentified ship arrives and finally answers their hail. John recognises the captain of the ship, but only knows he's dangerous. Captain Sunad says that John is some sort of revolutionary dissident.

Picard calls conference. John says he'll surrender to them if he has to, but feels there is something important he must complete. Debate ensues. Picard decides to attempt to use diplomacy. Sunad becomes angry when Picard says that John is able to heal, and does something so suddenly the Enterprise crew can't breathe. John heals Crusher so she can breathe again, and says his amnesia has lifted. Then he sends an energy pulse through the whole ship, and everyone is able to breathe again.

Sunad becomes more angry, and gives the order to fire, but John 'ports him onto the Enterprise bridge. John explains that his species is approaching an evolutionary metamorphosis. Then he turns into a glowing humanoid and tells Sunad he's going to tell everyone on their planet. Having said goodbyes, John turns into pure energy and sods off.

That was an interesting and new tale.

Hey, Prime, how about giving us Deep Space Nine back? Huh? Bloody rugby.
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