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ST:V: Caretaker, Part 1

Last week on Star Trek: The Next Generation, a solitary Borg cube attacked the Enterprise, assimilated Captain Picard, and set course for Earth. This week...

Caretaker, Parte 1: The USS Voyager is flung into the Delta Quadrant by a mysterious force known only as the Careta- wait, what?!

STAR WARS CRAWL explaining the Marquis. And then they do the opening bit with Chakotay's ship being chased by Casdassians. As they desperately try to keep ahead of the Cardies, Chakotay steers them into a plasma storm, and the pursuing ship is damaged. Then a "displacement wave" hits them.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, which is now a penal colony (THANKS, Star Trek.), Janeway picks up Tom Paris, who's still in prison from that incident back in TNG when he was known by a completely different namebecause he was in the Marquis for two weeks. She explains her mission to the Badlands to find a missing Marquis ship.

It's amazing how much New Zealand looks like South California. I hadn't noticed that before.

Paris tries to chat up a Betazoid (Voyager's helmsman) on a shuttle, but she brushes her off. This means she's going to die soon. She points out Voyager which is currently docked at Deep Space 9, and rattles off a bunch of technical details, which ever Star Trek fan in earshot scribbles down frantically.

In Quarks, Harry Kim is being ripped off by Quark. Dude, wait to work the racism guilt. Paris makes the intercept and drags Kim off before he hands over any money.

On Voyager, Paris and Kim meet the ship's doctor, who is icy towards Paris. He is also going to die shortly. Paris doesn't want to talk about it. Janeway talks her her husband - her dog's had puppies. Oh, this is personal. I don't want to see this. Seriously. Paris and Kim report and are impressed by The Bun. The first officer snubs Paris. He, too, will die in a short bit. Finally, Voyager sets off.

Paris orders tomato soup, and Kim asks him about his spaceship accident back in Star Fleet. Then he's called to the bridge, where they're working out a way through the plasma storm. Then they're scanned by a tetryon beam and detect an incoming displacement wave. This is why they should have seat belts. Suddenly everyone who was mean to Tom Paris is dead! Kim gets the viewscreen up so they can see the big Caretaker structure, and then reports that they're suddenly in the Delta Quadrant. Whups.

Janeway Deals with Things. The chief engineer is dead (wait, he was never mean to Paris), so she heads down there to dispense helpful technobabble. In sickbay, Kim activates the Emergency Medical Hologram and fails at being a nurse. HoloDoc is not happy at the news that a replacement doctor is not on the cards. Kim reports a scan from the Caretaker array, and the crew is promptly beamed off, leaving one confused HoloDoc.

A Voyager crew find themselves in an idyllic Earth setting with a house and a little old lady. Janeway says they're in the array. Then the neighbours turn up and start with the banjo music. Cue one bemused Voyager crew. Janeway orders Paris and Kim to scout around, and Kim detects something in the barn. When they get too close, the natives turn up with pitchforks, and announce they'll have to proceed ahead of schedule. The barn wall disappears and they see people in tubes, for a few minutes, then everyone disappears, and they're all in tubes having needles stuck in them.

Then, three days later, they wake up back on Voyager, minus Ensign Kim. Janeways hails Chakotay, who's back on his ship, and says B'Elanna Torres is missing. Chakotay agrees to beam over with Tuvok and another Marquis. Tuvok promptly reveals that he's a Star Fleet spy. Chakotay's more annoyed at Paris though. Janeway starts giving orders to break out the phaser rifles as she's going to lead a mission over there. His gay love for Harry compells Paris to volunteer as well.

They arrive back on the fake farm and question an aged banjo player. ABP claims the others don't have what he needs (a shave and probably oral hygiene) and he doesn't have time to send them back, at which point he teleports them back aboard Voyager.

Kim wakes up in a white hospital type place, and finds he has some grody disease. Torres wakes up next to him, and goes apeshit trying to escape, before white-robed figures sedate her.

Janeway decides to set out for a planet which the array is beaming pulses to, under the assumption that Kim and Torres may have been transported to. Janeway says Kim has a clarinet he left behind on Earth (oh, so it was actually foreshadowed). To be continued.

It's amazing how much I'd already forgotten about the Voyager pilot. :P
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