Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V: Parallax

Why two Voyager episodes? Why not more DS9?! Sheesh.

Parallax: Voyager gets trapped in a singularity.

Torres has started hitting people already. Chakotay tries to defend her, though Tuvok wants to punish her. The other Marquis are a little annoyed, and tell Chakotay that if he ever wants to mutiny, he has their support. Chaks tells them off, and goes to see Torres and tell her off as well.

Already they're investigating alternate energy sources. Neelix and Kes crash the meeting, and Kes suggests setting up a hydroponics bay to grow food. Chakotay suggests Torres for chief engineer. Janeway assigns Paris to train with the HoloDoc as field medic. All this riveting info is interrupted by the ship encountering a quantum singularity with a vessel near the event horizon. Torres has an idea for a tractor beam. Janeway tells Chakotay off for calling her and they argue over whether Torres is suitable for a command position.

Kes consults the HoloDoc and observes he's very sensitive, and also shrinking. Kim says they're busy, but they'll send someone.

With the completed tractor beam, they attempt to pull the ship out, but instead the ship's pulled in towards the singularity. After the tractor beam is turned off, they head for a nearby starsystem to ask for help.

HoloDoc calls Janeway to report that he's reached the height of 3 feet, and also that there've been an unusual number of injuries. They're interrupted by the news that the ship has just run into the same singularity again.

They try flying away from it again and promptly arrive back at it. Wait, wasn't Seska just on the bridge? How'd she get to Engineering so fast? Kim gets a massive headache, and Tuvok takes him to sick bay.

Janeway calls A Meeting at which Torres comes up with a brilliant idea and Janeway is very impressed. They're able to successfully clean up the signal from the other ship, and discover that the other ship is them. Buh? Janeway and Torres realise that the ship is trapped in the singularity. They set about trying to escape. Janeway and Torres take a shuttle to open a crack or something, and gives them the opportunity to bond. Having opened the crack wider, they head back for the ship, and find two of them. Fortunately they use Logic to pick the right one to dock with, and then fly the ship out of the event horizon.

Torres ends up in charge of Engineering. Thus endith the sum total of the Marquis/Star Fleet tensions for the next 7 years. Paris goes and makes fun of the hologram. The end.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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