Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V: Time and Again

According to the TV listings, Prime's playing two Voyager episodes followed by a Deep Space 9. WTF? Who makes these kind of decisions??

Time and Again: Nuclear energy time-travel allegory.

Paris tries to persuade Kim that they need to pair up. Just as the slashers get excited, Tom clarifies he means the Delaney Twins. Then the ship's hit by a shockwave, and they locate an M-class planet which has been ravaged. Although there's no life on it, there are buildings and aqueducts and crap. Janeway beams down with a team. She says something about a polaric ion detonation ripping a hole in sub-space. Yeah, they'll do that.

Back on the ship, Kes is distressed at a vision she had of the people on the planet dying.

On the planet, Paris has a vision of the planet pre-explosion. Before they can beam up, Janeway and Paris find themselves in the past. Paris uses Math to work out the planet is ONE DAY AWAY FROM DESTRUCTION!

On Voyager, everyone's looking at graphs. They come up with a plan to microscan subspace fractures to try to detect Janeway and Paris. HoloDoc is grumpy because no one told him that Neelix and Kes were on board. Also, there's the crew of a Marquis ship on board, and Janeway is missing. "I seem to have found myself on the Voyage of the Damned." Where's Kylie Minogue then?

Janeway and Paris obtain some local clothing, and Janeway says they're not allowed to prevent the destruction of the planet. Paris scares a small child. What a guy! Oh, hey, location shooting. Janeway is injured in an altercation.

Back on Voyager, the geeks have built a subspace generator. This can't end well.

Meanwhile, Janeway and Paris have fallen into the hands of polaric energy protestors, who think they're government infiltrators. Also, they catch the child whom Paris terrified earlier, who spills the beans on the pair not coming across on board the intercontinental transport as they claimed.

In the future, Kim locates two semi-destroyed com badges. This bums everyone out, except Tuvok, because he's a Vulcan. Kes somehow feels Janeway's presence, and they set up the equipment to try to scan for the missing pair.

Janeway decides to spill the truth to the protesters, however they're not convinced at tales of spaceships and time rifts, and when Chakotay makes contact, they confiscate the pair's com badges. They go for more location filming, and Janeway tells Paris that she thinks their presence there has affected the course of events and thus the Prime Directive has already been well and truly boned.

Trying to get into the power plant does not go well. Paris gets shot protecting the small child, and Janeway pursues the protesters.

Why do they keep showing adverts for things like Wife Swap and The Biggest Loser? This is SF? Surely an advert for Doctor Who would be appropriate. Come on people! Targetted advertising!

Chakotay's team attempt to open a subspace rift to retrieve Janeway. Screw Paris, apparently. This appears in the past, and Janeway realises that the subspace rupture will cause the disaster which destroyed the planet. She uses her phaser to seal the fracture, and the most blatant "Reset button" ending so far happens.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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