Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V: The Cloud

Ooo, look, it's the episode with three Vulcans in the distant past stuck in an Earth mining town. Gosh, when they have episodes like this, I can't believe the show was canceled!

The Cloud: Voyager flies into a cloud. Tom Paris's French holobar makes its first appearance.

Our first Voyager of the morning... Janeway attempts to get chummy with the crew, and Paris and Kim complain about Neelix's cooking. Janeway discovers there's no coffee left and Neelix talks her into trying her coffee substitute. Fortunately she's saved by a call from the bridge to look at a nebula. Tuvok thinks they can collect particles to add to the antimatter reserve. While they approach the nebula, Janeway and Chakotay discuss animal guides.

After some discussion on the bridge, wherein it's established that no one's seen anything like this before, they fly the ship in. This leads to Neelix (still in the galley) ranting about how Janeway endangers the ship every five minutes.

In the nebula, the ship comes under attack, and they have trouble getting out and have to use one of their 38 torpedoes to blow a hole in it.

Paris wakes Kim up in the middle of the night (If you're watching this on DVD, hit fast forward now), and Kim reveals he remembers being in the womb. What a thing to admit. Paris has woken Kim up to show off his French bar holoprogram. Yes, despite the fact that Kim said in the previous scene that their power reserves were down 11%, and Janeway is having to give up coffee, Tom Paris is running a holodeck program.

In Engineering (if you're fast forwarding, hit play now) Torres discovers something! She goes to sickbay and asks the HoloDoc about why he says the same thing every time he's turned on. This leads to three minutes of snark before Torres gets around to showing him the sample of nebula they picked up on their way out.

Chakotay shows Janeway his bundle. Then he helps Janeway contact her animal guide. They're interrupted by Torres (who Chakotay says is the only one he knows who tried to kill their spirit guide) who reveals that the nebula was a giant life form. Realising they've injured it, they discuss ways of healing it.

Neelix is somewhat enraged by the idea they're going back in, and complains to Janeway, who tells him to go piss up a rope. If you're watching this on DVD, feel free to fast forward this scene as well, as it doesn't contribute anything to the plot other than make Neelix look like a dick. In fact, feel free to skip this one and go on to the next episode.

Anyway, they fly back into the nebula, and the inertial dampeners go offline and everyone falls over because no seatbelts. Eventually they get everything under control and use the creature's circulatory system to head back to the wound. Neelix and Kes turn up on the bridge with food.

Their attempts to heal the wound are pretty lame, but the HoloDoc has an idea to use the ship as a suture. This pretty much works, and they hightail it out of there. Kim invites Janeway to Paris' holobar which is apparently entirely populated by randy holocharacters. Also Janeway is a dab hand at the art of pool hustling.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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