Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V: Eminations

Eminations: While investigating some asteroid rings, Harry Kim is beamed through a subspace rift.

the Voyager crew have discovered a new element in the rings of a planet. Chakotay takes an away team to check it out and, on an asteroid which somehow apparently has a breathable atmosphere, they find a whole mess of corpses.

While they're discussing the corpses, a dimensional rift opens, and after the emergency beamout, Kim is missing. However they have a recently deceased person, who Torres believes can be revived and may be able to explain where Harry's gone.

Harry, meanwhile, finds himself in a strange place. The Vhnori believe he's come back from the afterlife, or the "next emination".

Meanwhile, HoloDoc has revived the dead Vhnori woman, Ptera, who's confused at not being in the afterlife and has to be sedated.

The local doctor explains to Harry about their device, which terminates people who have terminal illnesses, and shunts them through the rift. Harry's tale about dead bodies on an asteroid does not go down well, as they were under the impression that the process took them to the afterlife.

On Voyager, Ptera has some hard questions about the afterlife. Also, a subspace vacule drops a fresh body into engineering.

The Vhnori through the rift are having similar crises of faith and are hostile towards Harry. Hatil, who had an accident and requires much care, says his family voted him out of society, but he is now having doubts about whether to go through with it or not.

With more subspace rifts potentially damaging the warp core, Paris takes Voyager to a safe distance from the rings.

Ptera whines to Kes about how her idea of the afterlife is false. Janeway suggests using the transporter accident as before and send Ptera back to where she came from. They return to the rings and make an unsuccessful attempt to beam her through, killing her. Whups.

Hatil starts wrapping himself in his death shroud, which has been in his family for many generations. Ewwwww, I hope they wash that after use. Harry suggests that they fake his death to make his family happy, and that Harry go through instead. Despite the somewhat obvious differences in build, Harry pulls off impersonating Hatil and is sent off to the "next emination".

Voyager, meanwhile, is preparing to leave, when Harry is deposited on deck 12, dead. He's beamed to sick bay and the HoloDoc brings him back to life. Despite having been dead, Kim's raring to get back to his duties, but Janeway tells him to take a couple of days off.
Tags: star trek: voyager

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