Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
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DS9: The Maquis, Part II

The Maquis, Part II: With Ducat kidnapped by the Maquis, Sisko sets out to get some answers.

Recap recap recap, Sisko has a long chat with Hudson over whether the Maquis is a good idea or not. When Sisko doesn't agree, Hudson stuns the landing party and sods off with his friends. Hudson needs to work on his comebacks.

Back on the station, an Admiral tells Sisko to talk to the Maquis, and he has a bitch at Kira about how everyone back on Earth lives in a paradise and don't understand how it is in the demilitarised zone. Meanwhile, Odo's arrested Quark for having had business dealings with the female Vulcan from last episode. Sisko is not happy about the fact it involves weapons. Also, another Cardassian, Legate Parn, says he believes Gul Dukat was smuggling weapons to the Cardassians in the demilitarised zone. His contribution to the plot having been made, he sods off. Sisko decides to set off and rescue Dukat, despite Kira's objections.

In the Maquis hideout, Sakonna unsuccessfully tries to mind meld with Ducat, and he taunts them all at their lameness at being terrorists. At this point Sisko turns up, captures everyone and takes them back to DS9.

Ducat doesn't take the news that he's been accused of gun running by Central Command well. Odo hasn't gotten any information out of Sakonna, but Ducat says that the weapons are probably being smuggled by Xepolites. Xepolites? Really? That's the name they're going with?

They locate a Xepolite ship, captained by "Troffo Bowwa" (he's listed in the credits as "Xepolite"). Ducat persuades Mr Bowwa to lower his shields, so they can search his ship, and presumably find weapons, though this isn't shown...

Quark convinces Sakonna to spill about the Maquis plans using crazy Ferengi logic. The MAquis plan to attack a Cardassian weapons depot. Sisko returns to the colonies and warns them to tell the Maquis to call off their attacks or they'll be enemies of the Federation. Hudson and his pals stroll in, but won't listen to reason and still intend to attack the depot.

Sisko takes three runabout to the planet the depot is on. Apparently the idea that the Maquis might approach the planet from the other direction doesn't occur, because all three runabouts are in one cluster. The Maquis turn up, there's some shooting, which is actually onscreen this time. How novel. Hudson's ship is forced to retreat and Sisko doesn't shoot it, despite Ducat wanting him to.

Back on DS9, Sisko angsts over whether war is inevitable. The end.
Tags: deep space 9

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