Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V: Prime Factors

Prime Factors: Voyager visits a planet which has technology which could allow them to get home.

Hmm, the crew seem not to be eating Neelix's food. Odd... Torres and Seska discuss whether Harry's gotten any action off the Delaney twins. Unless you count falling off a gondola, the answer appears to be no.

Then they encounter a ship sending out a distress call, which isn't actually in any distress. Obviously a fragrant disuse of the distress protocol. Write them a ticket! Fortunately the captain of the other ship bribes them off with gifts. So visiting their planet, the Voyager crew marvels at the technology and pretty fabrics. Harry hangs out with Eudana who is, unlikely as it seems, both a girl and interested in him. She takes him on a teleport to another planet, leading him to be somewhat excited about it.

Janeway is likewise hitting it off with Gath when Kim abruptly turns up with the news that the teleport uses space folding, and it's possible they could use it to get home. Gath says it's forbidden by law to share their technology.

The Voyager crew grumbles about how unfair it is, but Janeway reminds them that they do the same thing with the Prime Directive. She proposes that they swap the Voyager's library of Federation literature for them sending them 40,000 light years on.

Meanwhile, Torres, Seska and Carey analyse the readings from the teleporter, and think they might be able to rig something up themselves. This can't end well.

Kim meets with a shady character who says he can provide space folding tech in exchange for stories he can sell on the black market. He goes back to the ship and tells the others, who debate over whether this is really a good idea or not, and whether Janeway will go for it. The answer to both these questions is no, but go on, do it anyway. Go ooooon!

Janeway debates the matter with Tuvok, and finally goes to Gath, who becomes hostile and asks her to leave. The rest of the crew is not happy. Torres' crew decide to make a deal with the shady character, but Tuvok intercepts them... and announces he's going to make the deal himself.

As the ship prepares to leave, Tuvok returns with the space folding device, and Torres' crew realise that they need the planet to focus the energy. They realise that they have to act quickly of they'll never be able to use the tech. While Torres stalls, they try to get the device working and IT ALL GOES HORRIBLY WRONG! Torres ends up phasering the device.

Janeway is very upset with everyone, especially when Tuvok owns up to being the one who made the exchange. The moral is... don't go behind Janeway's back!
Tags: star trek: voyager

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