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ST:V: Jetrel - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2007-12-09 11:26
Subject: ST:V: Jetrel
Security: Public
Tags:star trek: voyager
Jetrel: A Haakonian scientist who developed a WMD pays a visit to Voyager.

Neelix plays Tuvok at pool. Neither of them appears to be all that good. Neelix is called to the bridge because an approaching ship is asking for him - it's a Haakonian ship. The Haakonians were at war with the Talaxians 15 years ago. Neelix is extremely distressed when the Haakonian who wants to see him introduces himself as Dr Jetrel. Jetrel, he tells Janeway, is a mass murderer who invented the Metreon Cascade which wiped out the Talaxian moon of Rinax and killed his family.

Jetrel boards Voyager, and explains to Janeway that Neelix was exposed to radiation during the rescues on Rinax, and may develop a blood disorder. Are there any races in the Delta Quadrant at all who aren't dicks? Seriously.

Janeway approaches Neelix about getting tested for the disease, but he's very reluctant. Janeway and Kes manage to talk him into it. After talking to Jetrel for five minutes, Neelix is even more opposed to the whole thing. They manage to test him anyway, and Jetrel reveals the news that Neelix does have the blood disease in question.

Neelix and Kes angst over Neelix's IMPENDING DOOM. But Jetrel goes to Janeway and says he thinks he can use the ship's transporters to get a sample of the Metreon radiation around Rinax, then use it to cure the blood disorder. They set course for Talaxia.

Jetrel and Neelix debate what Jetrel should have done to stop the Metreon Cascade, and Jetrel reveals his wife left him after Rinax was devastated. Neelix counters with a story about the horrific injuries the survivors of Rinax sustained. Jetrel reveals he has the same blood disease and will die in a few days.

Neelix has a nightmare. Also, the ship gets to Rinax and they beam a sample on board the Metreon cloud. Kes finds Neelix cowering in the mess hall, and he reveals that he was actually a deserter during the war whereupon she suggests that he's been blaming Jetrel as a surrogate for himself.

In the sickbay, Jetrel turns off the HoloDoc and conducts bizarre and unnatural experiments with the sample of cloud. Neelix walks in on him, realises he's doing Science wrong, and is promptly knocked out by Jetrel before he can alert the captain. Janeway soon finds Jetrel is missing from sick bay and finds Jetrel in a transporter room.

Jetrel claims he can bring back the dead Talaxians back using the transporter. This plan is made of batshit. Janeway says as much in somewhat less colourful terms. Also, Jetrel admits that Neelix doesn't have the blood disorder. They agree to have a go. Unfortunately, despite it looking like they're almost doing it, they're unsuccessful. Jetrel collapses.

Neelix visits Jetrel in sick bay, and forgives him. Teh end.

Best Neelix episode ever!
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