Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: The Collaborator

The Collaborator: More Bajoran political melodrama.

Kira's absentee boyfriend, Vedek Bareil, appears to be having a bad dream. Oh, it's a "religious vision". Bareil is one of the candidates to become the Kai. After some naked cuddling, they go down to the Promenade to hassle Vedek "Batshit" Winn, his opponent.

A Bajoran encounters an older Bajoran and identifies him as Kubus, who apparently collaborated with the Cardassians. Odo immediately arrests Kubus.

Bareil has another vision, this time of himself becoming Kai and encountering Kai Opaka (who died in an earlier episode. He should seriously stop having those.

Kubus tells Odo that he wants to return to Bajor to die. Kira isn't sympathetic and tells him to go take a flying leap.

Winn tries to get Sisko to appear in public with her, but he turns her down to avoid appearing to give her his endorsement. Odo lets Kira know that Winn is taking Kubus down to Bajor, and the pair try to work out exactly what's going on. Winn has a chat to Kira. That's... a very funny hat Winn is wearing. Looks like the Syndey Opera House. Winn says Kubus is going to reveal who's responsible for the Kendra Valley Massacre - Vedek Bareil. She asks Kira to investigate and promises to keep the accusations secret until after the investigation is complete.

Kira questions Kubus, then Bareil, and then she and Odo try to look up the Vedek Assembly records from the period of the massacre, and find they've been security locked. They go to question Quark, who is engaging in self-torture (ie, he's paying his staff), but that turns out to be a dead end too - the files they're after have been deleted. O'Brien says they could be restored, but it would take a lot of time. He does establish that the records were erased by Vedek Bareil.

Bareil's back having another orb vision. He really needs to cut back on those, or people are going to think he's a junkie. In the vision, Kira stabs him. Shortly after the vision ends, Kira confronts him over erasing the transmission records. Bareil admits he shopped the resistance so the Cardassians wouldn't destroy every Bajoran village in the area.

Kira contacts Winn, who says that Bareil has withdrawn from the race to become Kai. Kira thinks she's still missing something though, and gets O'Brien to hack into the Vedek Assembly archives again. She nips down to Bajor and tells Bareil that he forgot to erase the transit files which proved he's not a collaborator. He was on a retreat at the time and couldn't possibly have caused the massacre - he was covering up for Kai Opaka. Unfortunately, Winn has already been elected Kai.
Tags: deep space 9

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