Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V: Learning Curve

Learning Curve: Tuvok tries to train some ornery Maquis crew members.

Janeway is in her Mary Poppins holosim, interacting with her holocharacters again. The lad is unimpressed because she doesn't know Latin. Obviously they never covered that at Starfleet Academy. Then they start disappearing, due to a power disruption. Tuvok locates a Maquis crewman replacing a gel pack without authorisation.

Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok debate why the gel pack went bad, and whether their limited supply is in danger. Also it's clear that some of the Maquis are having trouble fitting in. Janeway assigns Tuvok to be their instructor, so he rounds up the four most troublesome ones. This goes about as well as expected - the four of them simply leave.

Later in the mess hall, Chakotay smacks them around a bit and tells them to report to Tuvok.

Tuvok drills the four on proper dress code. Also, another gel pack fails, and Torres takes one to sick bay so they can check out the biological component, which it turns out has a bacterial infection. Did HoloDoc just say "all the effected gel packs?"

Tuvok takes his charges on a tour of the ship's jeffries tubes and then a 10k run. By the end, they're giving him looks like they're trying to work out where best to plunge the knife.

Torres and Kim try to work out where the infection came from, and observe one of the harried Maquis trying to degause the transporter pads with a very small degauser. This leads us back to an A-plot section, with the Maquis doing simulations on the Holodeck. This doesn't go well either. Disturbed at his lack of success, Tuvok obtains advice from Neelix. Also, Neelix has been making cheese, which involves cultivating bacteria. Yep, it's all Neelix's fault!

In Paris' holobar, Tuvok tries to get to know one of the Maquis. HoloDoc and Kes work on a treatment for the bacteria. There's more power disruption, which cascades into a complete power failure. This traps Tuvok and his class in a cargo bay.

HoloDoc comes up with a solution for the infection by heating the gel packs. Torres quickly comes up with a plan to flood the network with plasma.

Unfortunately this has the side-effect of flooding the cargo bay with plasma gas. Although one of the Maquis is unconscious, Tuvok shoos the rest of them out through the jeffries tubes... then goes to help the injured one. He collapses halfway across the cargo bay, but the other Maquis work as a team to rescue both of them.

That was not very season-finale-ish at all. I already did season 2 onwards, and since Prime is launching straight into Voyager season 2...
Tags: star trek: voyager

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