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DS9: The Search, Part II

The Search, Part II:

Recap recap recap, Odo learns about his people from a female shapeshifter who does a merge-sex thing with him and makes him very happy.

Sisko and Bashir are heading back towards the wormhole in a shuttle when they're intercepted by O'Brien and Dax (who still has monster hair).

Female Shapeshifter is mildly hostile towards Kira because she's a monoform, but tells Odo about how he should be trying to turn into rocks and plants and things.

Sisko gets back to DS9 to find the Federation is negotiating peace with the Dominion. Also he meets one of the "Founders", Borath, who's the same race as Eris from a couple of episodes back. Meanwhile, Bashir is visiting with his pal Garak, who isn't convinced the peace talks are a good idea. They encounter T'Rul, who's annoyed that the Romulans have been left out of the treaty negotiations.

Kira can't communicate with the outside world. Odo's annoyed that his shapeshifting isn't really helping him understand anything.

Sisko talks to the visiting Admiral about why the Romulans had been excluded, and it turns out the Founders asked that they be excluded.

The Female Shapeshifter tells Odo they intentionally sent him out as an infant to explore the galaxy. Then they have merge-sex again. Did they seriously never give female shapeshifter a name? just refers to her as "Female Shapeshifter". That's sad. Kira talks to herself in the garden for a bit, because she can't work out if he's turned into anything. Then she goes and finds a door, which the shuttle's sensors can't scan through.

Quark is happy because Jem'Hadar soldiers seem to be big gamblers. Then O'Brien and Bashir get into a fight in the bar, and then Bashir is annoyed because Federation security doesn't do anything. Sisko isn't happy about how the peace negotiations are taking place behind closed doors, and then Dax says she's being reassigned to be science officer on the Lexington.

At this point, Sisko snaps, and storms in to yell at the Admiral. Who says that the Federation is pulling out of the sector, and the Dominion is taking over the running of the station. Sisko objects, but the treaty has already been signed.

Kira waits in the garden until Odo reappears in bird form, and tells him about the door she found.

Garak meets with Sisko, and they discuss how Bajor appears to have made a pact with the Romulans to fight the Dominion. Then there's an incident where Jem'Hadar shoot T'Rul, and Sisko wails on them. He ends up in a cell, where Dax, Bashir and Garak promptly rescue him. Unfortunately Garak is shot dead on the way to the runabout, but the others get off the station and collapse the end of the wormhole.

Meanwhile, Odo and Kira break through the door they've found, are promptly captured by Jem'Hadar and find Borath with Sisko and the others on beds in a virtual sim, testing how they'd react to a Dominion treaty. Female Shapeshifter appears to reveal that they're the real Founders behind the Dominion. Odo realises that his race are a bunch of dicks, takes his confused friends, and leaves.
Tags: deep space 9

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